How Can I Switch My Git Repository to a Particular Commit

Git is probably the most popular decentralized tracking tool compared to other version control tools. Individual developers and recognized companies utilize it for tracking and collaborating on their project source code from all over the globe. Git also permits developers to revert the added changes.

While pushing the data from staging to the working repository for saving purposes, developers need to commit them along with the commit message for later use. Git commits SHA-hash refers to a snapshot of a file or a group of files in the Git repository. Additionally, developers are allowed to switch to a particular commit.

This guide explained the process of switching the current Git repository to a particular commit.

How to Switch the Git Repository to a Particular Commit?

To switch from the Git Local repository to the desired commit, use the below procedure:

Step 1: Switch to Git Repository

First, use the “cd“ command and go to the particular Git local repository by providing its path:

$ cd "C:\Users\nazma\Git\test-repo"

Step 2: Check Git Commit Log History

Then, check the log history of the current repository through the “git log .” command:

$ git log .

Here, we have selected the highlighted commit id for switching:

Step 3: Checkout to Particular Commit

Next, execute the “git checkout” command along with the selected commit id:

$ git checkout 53b558b

According to the below output, the HEAD pointer moves to the desired commit id:

Step 4: Switch HEAD Pointer to Previous Position

If you want to move the HEAD pointer to the previous position quickly then execute the provided command:

$ git switch -

It can be observed that HEAD switched back to the repository branch:

That’s all! We have efficiently compiled the process of switching the current Git repository to a particular commit.


To switch from the current Git repository to a particular commit, first, navigate to the Git desired repository and view its log history. Then, select a particular commit and copy its commit id. Next, run the “git checkout <commit-id>” command. If required to switch back immediately to the Git repository, execute the “git switch –” command. This guide illustrated the method of switching the current Git repository to a particular commit.

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