What are the Steps to Switch from Exchange Online PowerShell V2 Module to V3 Module?

The “ExchangeOnlineManagement” is a PowerShell module that helps users to manage Exchange Online resources. For connecting to all the Exchange-related environments in Microsoft 365, it makes use of contemporary authentication and supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). It is the Exchange Online PowerShell V2’s replacement. it also includes several improvements and new features in it.

In this write-up, we will provide the steps for switching from the Exchanges Online PowerShell V2 module to the v3 module.

What are the Steps to Switch from Exchange Online PowerShell V2 Module to V3 Module?

Check out the provided steps to switch from the Exchange Online V2 module to V3 in PowerShell.

Step 1: Install the PowerShell Module for Exchange Online V3

Firstly, install the module by executing the given command:

Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement


Step 2: Import the Exchange Online V3 PowerShell Module

After installing the module, now import it by running the given line of code:

Import-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement


Step 3: Connect to Exchange Online

Lastly, connect to the exchange online by entering Microsoft credentials:



By signing in the PowerShell V2 module will be switched to V3.


To switch from Exchange Online PowerShell V2 to the V3 module, first, install the exchange online module. After that, import the exchange online module V3. Then connect to the exchange online with the given module. This post has elaborated on the Exchange Online module in detail.

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