How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft

Enchantment in Minecraft is a great way to give you something extra which was lacking before. One of the possibilities is the lightning which you can’t summon normally, and you can only do that by enchanting a weapon with the name of Trident. This is the only weapon in the game that you can use as melee and long-ranged both.

How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft

In a nutshell, you can summon lightning only in cloudy and rainy weather by throwing the trident on different mobs whether they are on the ground or in the air.

Materials Required for the Lightning Enchantment

This enchantment is not possible without having the anvil as this is the tool that is responsible to do any kind of enchantment, whereas the Channeling enchantment book and a Trident are two items that are required to perform this enchantment.

Let’s craft the Anvil first.

How to make the Anvil

You need lots and lots of iron to make this item and it can be gathered through the iron ore that is easily available in a variety of biomes using a stone pickaxe or any higher. After that, you need to smelt them using a furnace to make 4 iron ingots. You also need 3 blocks of iron as well and you can make one by placing 9 iron ingots on a crafting table.

How to Get the Enchantment Book

To get this book you need to visit the village biome and find a villager. After that place a lectern close to them that will convert the villager into a librarian.

The lectern can be made by placing 4 wooden planks and 1 bookshelf on a crafting table. Now go closer to the librarian and click on him. This will open a few items for you for trade and you need to do that till the librarian offers you this book as shown below.

How to Get the Trident

Trident can only be found underwater in the oceans and rivers by killing a mob named as a drowned as shown in the image below. It is a very rare mob that can’t be found easily but what you can do to save your time is to find the wrecked ship where they usually roam the most. These mobs hold the tridents in their hand that they drop after being killed.

How to do the Channeling Enchantment

Place the anvil on the ground and then put the trident on the first slot and the channeling enchantment book on the second slot.

Note: This enchantment can only be done in rainy or cloudy weather and is not possible in clear weather.

After getting this enchantment, you need to equip it and then hold the click button and release it while aiming at any mob. If the trident hit the mob, then you should be able to see the lightning effect as shown below.


There are a variety of enchantments available for the trident and one of them is channeling. With this enchantment, you should be able to summon lightning on any mob that puts them on fire. The only drawback is that the effect of this enchantment can only be seen in cloudy and rainy weather.

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