How to Stream on Discord Mobile

Streaming is one of the great features that the Discord developers introduce for facilitating the users. It is basically the process of sharing your screen with your family, friends, and other people during a video and voice call on Discord to engage with each other. Gamers also use this mode to stream their game sessions with others, such as YouTube audiences. You can also utilize Discord to stream whatever you want on your selected voice channels.

This blog will talk about the procedure to Stream on Discord mobile. So, let’s get started!

How to stream on Discord mobile?

For mobile users, Discord offers the functionality to stream videos or whatever content they like to share. To try out this feature, check out the given procedure.

Step 1: Launch Discord

First of all, launch the “Discord” application on your mobile device:

Step 2: Select Discord Server

Choose a server from the left-side panel of the Discord screen and tap on its icon:

Step 3: Open Voice Channel

After selecting the Discord server, open up any voice channel where you want to start streaming. In our case, we have selected the “General” voice channel of “Mari0422’s server”:

Step 4: Start Voice call

Next, tap on the highlighted icon from the top-left side of your screen to start a voice call and invite friends to it:

Send an invitation to your friends by clicking on the “Invite” button or invite your Discord friends through the provided link. Also, if you want to use the same link permanently, then enable the toggle to never expire the link:

After accepting the invitation, the selected members will be connected on voice call:

Step 5: Enable Screen Sharing option

To start live streaming on Discord, tap on the “Screen Sharing” icon:

Step 6: Start Streaming

A message box will now appear on your screen, tap on the “START NOW” button to start stream:

Now, Discord will start streaming the content you are viewing on your device:

Step 7: End Stream

In order to end the ongoing voice call, tap on the highlighted “Disconnect” icon from the bottom right side:

That was all about the procedure to stream on Discord Mobile. Give it a try on your application and happy streaming!


To stream on Discord desktop mobile, choose a Discord Server and select any Voice Channel where you want to stream something. Then, invite your friends to the ongoing voice call via the Invite button or by sharing the invitation link. After doing so, share your screen with them and start streaming. This blog demonstrated the method for streaming on the Discord mobile application.

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