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SQL Delete with Join

In this article, we will discuss how we can use a SQL join with a delete statement.


The syntax for using a delete statement with a SQL join can be expressed as shown:

 DELETE table1
FROM table1 JOIN table2 ON
table1.attribute_name = table2.attribute_name
WHERE condition

Sample Tables

Let us start by creating sample tables and data as shown in the provided queries.

CREATE TABLE developers(
    id serial,
    name VARCHAR(50),
    department VARCHAR(20)
CREATE TABLE code_base(
    repo_id VARCHAR(255),
    commit INT
INSERT INTO developers(name, department)
('Taylor Williams', 'Game developer'),
('Linda Moore', 'Full-Stack Developer'),
('Mary Smith', 'Database Developer');

INSERT INTO code_base(repo_id, commit)
('repo_id_1', 1),
('repo_id_2', 2),
('repo_id_3', 3);

The above queries create two tables and add sample data.


To delete a row in the code_base table with the commit value of 1 using a join, we can run a query as shown:

DELETE code_base
FROM code_base, JOIN developers ON
developes.id = code_base.commit
WHERE commit = 1;

The query above should remove the row where the commit value is 1.


This short article illustrates how to use a delete statement within a join query.

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