How to use spoiler tag on Discord

Discord is a digital communication platform utilized to casually discuss with friends, engaging with gaming and professional communities. How would you feel in a normal Discord conversation when someone spoils the thriller suspense of a movie or series before you have watched or ended it? Don’t you want to do the same? No, right! That’s why spoiler tags are added on Discord so that no one can spoil the fun or suspense for others in the Discord community.

The major reason for using spoiler tags is to hide the text and image behind an overlay. On Discord, you can add a spoiler tag with the image or message carrying the suspense that you share on your Discord chat server. Utilizing a spoiler tag with such a message will grey out its content until the recipient clicks on the message to view its content. In this way, you can hide attachments or text at first, leaving it up to the members of the server to determine whether they want to see it or not.

Why you should use spoiler tag on Discord

Using spoiler tags, you can easily hide the images, text comments, links, GIFs, and emojis that contain spoilers for other server members. It is utilized to label a part of a text comment or message, or attachment as a spoiler. When any server member on Discord sees that attachment marked as a spoiler, it will be their choice to either ignore it or view its content. On the other hand, spoiler tags can be used to alert the information you are going to share. These tags can be used in Discord web, its application for Mac, Windows, and for smartphones.

How to use spoiler tag with messages on Discord

This section will show you how to use a spoiler tag to hide a part or complete message on the Discord server. We will perform the below-given procedure in the Discord Windows application. However, you can use spoiler tags in the same way on your Discord web, Mac OS, or Android application.

To use the spoiler tag on Discord, write out “/spoiler” and type your message in the chat bar. In the below-given image, you can see that when we added the “/spoiler” tag and Discord are already showing that “/spoiler” is a tag that will mark our message as a spoiler:

For demonstration, we added the “/spoiler” tag with the “This is a secret message” text:

Using the “/spoiler” tag will hide the message until any of the recipients on the server tries to view it:

Tapping or clicking on the spoiler message will let you know what is the message is:

Another way to mark any message as a spoiler is utilizing two vertical bars, “||” at the start and end of the message. For instance, to send a sample spoiler message to our server, we will write it “||Another secret message||”:

Here, we have sent a spoiler message with the “||” bar; click on it to view the message body:

How to use spoiler tag with attachments on Discord

The “/spoiler” works as a tag when you want to hide any content related to the text on a channel. However, when it comes to hiding attachments, a spoiler tag does not work as a command. Additionally, Discord offers you the option to mark it as a spoiler when uploading it.

To send an attachment using the “spoiler tag”, firstly, we will click on the “+” plus icon, which is present at the left side of the chat bar:

Select the option “Upload a file” from the pop-up menu:

For instance, I have selected an image from the system to upload as an attachment on the server. Discord also permits you to add any comment and mark the uploaded attachment as “spoiler”:

After uploading the attachment, the spoiler tag will hide its content like this:

Now, anyone who wants to see this attachment has to click on the spoiler button:


There can be various situations in a Discord community discussion where you want to hide any spoiler related to any drama, movie, or series. You also want only intended members to view the content of the shared spoiler. On Discord, spoiler tags are utilized to hide any text message, attachment, GIFs, emojis. This kind of content is marked as a spoiler, and Discord hides its content until any member clicks or taps it. In this write-up, we have shared how you can use spoiler tags on Discord. Moreover, the procedure for hiding a text message and attachment using spoiler tags is also provided.

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