How to Speed Up Slow apt-get Install on Debian

In the Debian system, people mostly install applications on the terminal via the “apt-get” command. The reason is “apt-get” command installs the application from the system’s official repository. However, installing an application may get slow most of the time, especially when dealing with large dependencies that must be installed on the system. In that case, you will need to speed up the slow “apt-get” install so that you will be able to install an application on the system at a much better pace. For this reason, a tool called “apt-fast” performs a similar type of installation quickly compared to apt-get.

Follow this article’s guidelines to speed up a slow apt-get install on Debian using the “apt-fast” utility.

How to Speed Up Slow apt-get Install on Debian

To speed up slow apt-get install on the Debian system, you should follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: First, you must install the download accelerator aria2 on the Debian system from the following command:

sudo apt install aria2 -y

Step 2: Then install curl command on Debian system through the following command:

sudo apt install curl -y

Step 3: After that, execute the following bash command to install apt-fast on the Debian system.

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -sL"

Step 4: You must open the apt-fast configuration file through the nano editor on the Debian terminal from the following command:

sudo nano /etc/apt-fast.conf

Step 5: Uncomment the following MIRRORS line inside the file.

Step 6: Then, save the apt-fast conf file using “CTRL+X”, add “Y” and enter to exit the terminal.

Step 7: Once the changes are done, you can use the “apt-fast install” command instead of “apt-get install” to install a package on the Debian system quickly.

I am sharing a screenshot of installing qmmp on the Debian system using the “apt-fast install” command.

sudo apt-fast <package_name>


To speed up the installation process on Debian is important for users who want to save time. Using the “apt-get install” command is not going to help them while installing a package with many dependencies. Thus, the must install “apt-fast” tool that will speed up the installation process and it works similar to the “apt-get install” command. But allows users to perform the installation at a much better pace.

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