How to speed bridge in Minecraft

Players began spending considerable time playing multiplayer servers and minigames as Minecraft gained popularity over the years. Millions of users honed their skills as the game progressed and found ways to overcome almost every challenge they faced. Speed bridging are utilized in Minecraft to cross enormous gaps between islands as they do normally. This bridging technique necessitates a high level of expertise since it demands players to detect the pattern required to build a bridge without pausing or slowing down their progress. So, it needs a lot of hard work and dedication to learn it; if you haven’t done this before, you will get used to it and can surprise your friends.

Some of the most popular server minigames in Minecraft demand you to construct over large regions to reach other islands or people. This sort of game includes games like Bed Wars and Sky Wars. Even if feasible, you will occasionally witness other players in these games building bridges far quicker than you. We’ll show you a few alternative techniques to build bridges as quickly as they do in this article.

How to Speed Bridge in Minecraft

One thing you should be aware of is that there are many techniques of speed-bridging. Some are quicker than others, but which one is ideal for you is determined by the method you liked the most.

Straight Sneaking

In this method, you need to go to the corner of the bridge and start connecting the blocks one by one. If you stand at the edge of the block, you will fall, so you need to crouch to save yourself from falling. You can crouch by pressing the “Left-Shift” key, also known as the sneaky key in Minecraft. This method is very easy to achieve in the Java version as you need to hold the right-click button along the moving backside.

Breezily bridging

This is a quick technique to put blocks, and the motions you will make to arrange your blocks are mentioned in the image below. Instead of crouching, you’ll strafe back and forth while pressing the placement button as quickly as possible. Your vertical alignment doesn’t have to be precise, but if it’s a bit wrong, you’ll miss the block when you try to position it. In this method, the user needs to walk backward by pressing the S key and then move diagonally alongside it by pressing the A and D keys from the keyboard. If the user is pressing the D and A keys, this method is known as Witchly bridging.

Classic angle bridging

In the image below, we’ve shown you precisely how to accomplish this one. To lay your brick against the block in front of you when building a bridge at regular speed, you must tilt your vision slightly upward. However, as you can see, you may also tilt your view to nearly precisely 45 degrees from the preceding block’s corner. This nearly doubles your placement rate. You must be properly oriented both horizontally and vertically. If you are not, you will drift down the edge of the block and lose your ability to position them accurately.


One of the great features of the Minecraft game is that it comes with a multiplayer mode where users from all over the world can connect and perform certain tasks. Modes like bed wars or sky wars are based on fighting where one team needs to destroy the other teams’ base. This is where bridging comes in handy. It can be used to travel to other bases very quickly and can surprise your enemies. So if you are interested in playing multiplayer modes, you should learn and practice the bridging techniques as much as possible.

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