How to use a soundboard with Discord

Do you want to prank your Discord friends using the baby or monster’s voice? If yes, then you can use a soundboard application with Discord that permits you to mask your original voice. A soundboard is a type of software utilized to change the pitch of a person’s voice. With a soundboard, you can perform graphic equalization and add special effects in real-time. There are various soundboard applications, some of them are Voicemod, Resanance, Clownfish Voice Changer, Soundpad, Mixere, and much more. Each soundboard application has its own features.

The procedure of using any soundboard with Discord comprises three steps. The first step is to select a soundboard application which you like the most and install it on your system. Then, configure its input and voice settings, and lastly change voice settings in Discord.

In this write-up, we will demonstrate how to use a soundboard with Discord. For the demonstration purpose, we have selected “Voicemod“. However, you can choose any soundboard application. So, let’s start this guide by showing you the installation method of Voicemod.

How to install Voicemod for Discord

If you want to set up Voicemod for Discord, then first install it on your system by visiting the official website of Voicemod:

In the next step, you have to sign in using your Gmail, Twitch, or Discord account; the choice is yours:

After signing in, the “.exe” setup file of the Voicemod will start downloading:

In the next step, open the downloaded Voicemod setup file on your system:

Now the Voicemod setup wizard will appear on your screen; click on the next button to move ahead:

You have to read the Voicemod License Agreement carefully, then mark the “I accept the agreement” option and click on the “Next” button:

You can browse for the location where you want to place the Voicemod folder after installing:

After performing the previously given steps, click on the “Install” button:

Wait for a few minutes, as the Voicemod will take some time to download the additional files:

After the Voicemod setup has finished on your system, click on the “Finish” button and launch the installed application:

How to set up Voicemod for Discord

This section will demonstrate the procedure of setting up Voicemod for your Discord application. For this, firstly, we will open the Voicemod application and click on the “Enter Voicemod” button:

After performing the specified action, you will be redirected to your Voicemod account on the browser. The opened web page will inform you about the “Login Success” for the Voicemod account; close this window and go back to your Voicemod application:

From the drop-down menu, select your microphone and speaker devices which you want to utilize with the Voicemod:

Here comes the dashboard of the Voicemod application showing you the available free voices for today:

Click on the “SOUNDBOARD” option from the left side menu of the Voicemod Then, check the types of sounds provided by the Voicemod:

At this stage, we have installed and configured Voicemod. Now, you will learn the procedure of using the Voicemod soundboard with the Discord server.

How to use a soundboard with Discord

Now, we will change some of the required settings for using the Voicemod soundboard with our Discord. For this, open up your “User Settings” from the left-side of the Discord Window:

Now, explore the “Voice and Video” category, and here we will select our input and output devices for voice settings:

To use the Voicemod soundboard with Discord, we will select the “Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM))” as input device and the “Line (Virtual Audio Device (WDM))” as output device:

To efficiently use the Voicemod soundboard with Discord, we will disable the following options: Input sensitivity, Noise suppression, Echo cancellation, Noise Reduction, and Automatic gain control:

Voicemod offers numerous sounds and if you are using the basic version of Voicemod then you will get access to free voices daily:

However, you can also switch to the premium version of Voicemod to avail the 80+ premade voice filters, unlimited soundboard, and the voicelab for designing unique voices from scratch:

You can select any voice from your Voicemod, then keep the Voicemod application running in the background and enjoy using Discord with the selected voice:

For instance, we have selected the “baby voice” from the Voicemod dashboard:

You can also set various settings related to the selected voice such as it Pitch, Intelligible, Mix, Voice Volume:

After doing so, go back to your Discord server, and select any voice channel to start voice chatting with your friends:

As soon as you get connected, say “Hello” to other members, and boom! Your friends will hear you having a baby voice:

You can also play different sounds from the Voicemod soundboard side by side:


Changing the voice on Discord might be a dream for the new Discord users. However, the Discord experts know that they can achieve this functionality by using a soundboard application and configuring it with the Discord. In Discord, you can use the soundboard to change your original voice and mask it with some effects. This post showed you how to use a soundboard with Discord. For the demonstration purpose, we installed and used a Voicemod soundboard with Discord. You can utilize any soundboard with the Discord by following the steps of our guide.

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