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[SOLVED] Print Screen Not Working in Windows 11/10

The “Print Screen” key captures whatever is on your screen and is copied automatically for you to paste somewhere. However, when the Print screen key does not work, you can miss many important things worthy enough to take screenshots. This issue can be encountered because of outdated keyboard drivers, outdated Windows, or if you are not sure about your keyboard settings.

This write-up will provide multiple methods to fix the “Print Screen Not Working” Issue in Windows 11/10.

How to Solve the “Print Screen Not Working” Issue in Windows 11/10?

To solve the “Print Screen Not Working” Issue in Windows 11/10, try the following fixes:

Method 1: Update Keyboard Driver

Your Keyboard Drivers might be corrupted or outdated. Therefore, update them by following the provided guide.

Step 1: Go to the Device Manager

Launch the “Device Manager” through the Start menu:

Step 2: Expand Keyboards

Scroll down and click on “Keyboards” to expand the list:

Step 3: Update Drivers

Update the drivers of your keyboard:

Step 4: Let Windows Choose the Driver

Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option:

Wait for the process to finish:

Method 2: Check if Print Screen Key is Enabled

Your system might not be set to take screenshots when only the “Print Screen” button is pressed. Check your keyboard “FN” key, which you need to hold, and then press the “Print Screen” key.

Method 3: Update Your Windows

A new Windows update might have been released to fix this issue. So, update your Windows by following the provided instructions.

Step 1: Check for Updates

Use the “Startup Menu” to check for updates:

Step 2: Update Your System

Hit the highlighted link as seen below to download and install updates:

Wait for the downloading to finish, and your system will ask to be restarted to apply the updates.


The “Print Screen Not Working” Issue in Windows 11/10 can be solved by various methods, including updating the keyboard driver, enabling the print screen key, or updating your Windows to the latest version. This blog provided different solutions to fix the mentioned Print screen not working issue.

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