How to Use Smite in Minecraft

Smite enchantments are among the most potent enchantments in Minecraft, as they buff and strengthen your weapons. You have a better chance of surviving when using enchanted gear, and the game gets simpler. Thus, having enchanted gear is necessary when playing Minecraft. Enchanted tools and armor have played a significant role in the player’s survival ability. In this article, we will explain what is the use of Smite in Minecraft.

Whatever your preferred method for playing, enchantment has proven to be extremely effective in making the game considerably more entertaining, particularly in Player versus Player (PvP) battles and minigames. There are a variety of enchantments accessible in the game. For the time being, we will be concentrating on the one exclusively targeted at the undead, namely the Smite enchantment.

What Is the Purpose of Smite in Minecraft?

This enchantment is only useful in a few specific circumstances. Among the enchantments available in Minecraft, Smite is the most effective at dealing with undead creatures. In the game, you will encounter skeletons, zombie villagers, husks, withers, zombified Piglins, zombies, phantoms, skeleton horses, zombie horses, strays, drowned, and Zoglins.

The Smite enchantment is available in five distinct levels, with level 1 as the lowest and level five as the most powerful. In the Minecraft world, there is a terrifying zombie mob that roams freely at night, and it is usually recommended to have a strong sword if you are traveling somewhere during such times.

Best Way to Get Smite Enchantment in Minecraft

You must first have an enchanted book to use the Smite Enchantment on either a sword or an axe. It may also be used on equipment, but you must first have an enchanted book. However, most Minecraft players will use it on their axe or sword, as shown below.

You can earn Smite by spending some time on the enchanting table and reaching the appropriate level to gain access to it like you would with any other enchantment. Combining two distinct Smite charmed swords can result in a higher enchantment level. It is impossible to sharpen or cleave with the Smite enchantment and the bane of arthropods because they are mutually exclusive.

What Is the Purpose of Smite?

Now, we understand what the Smite enchantment does, so let’s look at the various purposes. A heavy hit on either a Netherite or diamond sword will kill any undead mob in one hit. If you land two regular hits on either weapon, it will take two normal hits. However, landing a critical hit is much easier; you need to hit a blow while falling.

The enchantment is extremely useful when slaying many wither skeletons to summon the wither. It will be much easier to complete the task if you have a max-level Smite sword, and you will not have to spend as much time grinding.

Another useful application is the farming of tridents. Taking a Smite sword will make your grind more enjoyable in the long run since the drowned sometimes drop a Trident when they are killed.

It is convenient for mob farms because most of the time, a typical mob farm will require you to kill all of the mobs personally, and skeletons and zombies will spawn in high numbers almost all of the time. In such cases, the Smite sword can be highly beneficial.

Which Is More Effective, Smite or Sharpness?

Sharpness is another helpful enchantment that you can apply to your blade to make it more effective. It has five levels, with the highest level being the most powerful. On this point, it is like the Smite enchantment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to utilize both the Smite and Sharpness enchantments simultaneously because they are incompatible.

The Sharpness enchantment deals one and a half hearts of damage to each mob that it comes into contact with. The only distinction between the Smite and Sharpness enchantments in the game is their effect on the target’s health.

Both enchantments are situational, and your play style determines their effectiveness. Although Sharpness is more potent than smiting, most players will select Sharpness over Smite since Sharpness is far more versatile and can kill practically any mob with just a couple of hits.


Using Smite instead of Sharpness when dealing with undead demons is a significant advantage. Because Smite increases attack damage by 2.5 at every level, Sharpness V’s maximum overall damage value is 10. Therefore, Smite V will deal 19.5 attack damage to all zombie creatures when played on the Java-version game. If you use the bedrock version, it will raise your attack damage to 20.5 points. We hope you found this article helpful. Check out more Linux Hint articles for additional tips and Minecraft tutorials.

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