How to Show Spotify on Discord Mobile

Discord is a well-known chatting application that is utilized for interacting with people all over the globe. Even though Spotify is a simple application with no built-in social feature similar to Discord, many ways exist to share your listening preferences with others. For instance, you can link and connect the Spotify account with the Discord app. Upon doing so, your Discord buddies can see what and when you are listening.

This guide will demonstrate the procedure of showing Spotify on Discord Mobile.

How to Show Spotify on Discord Mobile?

On your Discord mobile account, you can show the “Listening to Spotify” status with the help of following instructions.

Step 1: Open Discord Application

The first step is to about opening the Discord application on the mobile:

Step 2: Open User Settings

From the bottom right side of the screen, look for the Discord profile icon and tap on it:

Step 3: Open Connections

find out the “Connections” category in the opened manual and tap on it:

Step 4: Add Spotify Connection

The “Connections” windows enlist all of the currently connected applications to your Discord account. Tap on the “ADD” option to connect Spotify to Discord:

Step 5: Select Spotify

Select “Spotify” from the list of available options:

Step 6: Log in to Spotify

You will be re-directed towards the Discord web app, asking you to log in to your Spotify account using your Facebook, Apple, or Google account. You can also directly specify your email address or username with the related password and click on the “LOG IN” button:

Step 7: Verify Spotify Connection

As a result, your Spotify account will get connected to the Discord account within a few seconds:

However, for the verification, go back to the “Connections” window of Discord and check if Spotify is showing up in the list of connected apps or not:

Step 7: Show Spotify on Discord Mobile

For enabling Spotify to show up on Discord, turn on the highlighted toggles, and tap on the third icon:

Step 8: Enable Device Broadcast Status

You will be navigated towards the Spotify Account status. Enable the “Device Broadcast Status” toggle to permit Discord to show what you are listening to on Spotify:

Step 9: View Current Discord Status

Lastly, play something on Spotify and notice the change in your Discord account status present under the username:

That was all about showing Spotify as Discord status on a Mobile device.


To show Spotify on Discord Mobile, firstly, open the Discord app on a device. Then, open “User Settings”, select “Connections” from the list of the available categories, and add the Spotify application. Log in to Spotify and enable the given toggles for displaying Spotify on your Profile and current status. Lastly, enable the “Device Broadcast Status” and play your Favorite song on Spotify. This guide provided the method of showing Spotify on Discord Mobile.

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