How to Show Information About Remote Repository in Git

Git is used in collaborative development environments to keep changes in files or folders in the project directory. Additionally, Git tracks the changes and builds history over time of projects. It enables users to save code versions that they can use whenever required.

To build a connection between Git remote and the local repository, the “$ git clone <remote-URL>” command can be used. A Git user can also view the whole information about the remote repository with the “$ git remote show origin” command.

This guide will demonstrate how to show information about a remote repository in Git.

How to Show Information About Remote Repository in Git?

Usually, a Git local repository is tracked with the Git remote repository. Moreover, you can also view the information related to the remote repository. For the corresponding purpose, we will first clone the Git remote repository and then view its complete detail.

Let’s check out the provided procedure!

Step 1: Open Git Terminal

Launch the “Git Bash” on your system with the help of the “Startup” menu:

Step 2: Move to Git Directory

Navigate to the selected Git directory:

$ cd "C:\Users\nazma\Git\Remote_repo"

Step 3: Copy Remote URL

Open the GitHub host service, go to the corresponding remote repository, click on the “Code” button, and copy the “HTTP” link on the clipboard:

Step 4: Clone Remote Repository

Next, execute the “git clone” command with paste the remote repository link:

$ git clone

According to the below output, we have successfully cloned the “Linux-repo” remote repository:

Step 5: Navigate to Remote Repository

Now, navigate to the cloned repository by utilizing the “cd” command:

$ cd Linux-repo

Step 6: Show Remote Repository Info

Lastly, execute the “git remote” command with the “show” option:

$ git remote show origin

Here, the above command, showed the details about the remote repository, such as the remote name “origin”, “Fetch URL”, “Push URL”, HEAD branch “main”, and remote branches name:

How to View the Remote URL?

Sometimes users are required to use the remote URL; therefore, they only want to view it. For this specified purpose, execute the “git config” command with the “–get” option to get the remote URL:

$ git config --get remote.origin.url

That’s it! We have provided the instructions for showing information about the remote repository in Git.


To show information about remote repositories in Git, open the Git terminal and move the folder. Next, copy the remote repository URL from GitHub to the clipboard. Then, execute the “$ git clone <remote-URL>” command and clone it to the local Git local repo. Lastly, execute the “$ git remote show origin” command to view all info about the remote repository. To just view the remote URL, run the “$ git config –get remote.origin.url” command. In this guide, we have illustrated how to show information about a remote repository in Git.

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