How to Show or Hide the Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar

“Bookmark Bar is a feature in Chrome application that is a user choice. Bookmarks allowed us to save the visited page on chrome and use them later whenever we wanted. We can simply access the latest bookmarks we have marked from the chrome Bookmark Bar. While some users don’t want to mess up their Chrome home page, they simply disable the Bookmark Bar feature. In other web applications, “Bookmark Bar” is represented with other names, but they all have the same functionality. Many users somehow don’t know about the features of Bookmark Bar in Chrome. Here, we’ll look at various ways to make Chrome’s bookmarks bar visible or hidden. The Chrome Bookmarks Bar feature maintained all the bookmarks very well. They improve navigation and prohibit users from continuously browsing through the recent history to view a particular website.”

How to Add Bookmarks Bar on the Chrome Page

Firstly, we have to Bookmark a page in chrome. We have launched the chrome home page, which is shown in the following image. Then, we have to find the “star icon” in the Chrome address bar.

By clicking on that star, the pop-up will be generated. Here, we can edit the bookmark by giving a name and also selecting the folder where we want the bookmark to be located. Once the bookmark option is selected, it will be turned into highlighted mode. The “Done” option will mark that page as a bookmark.

As we have discussed earlier that we can specify the folder where all the bookmarks are found. The “Bookmark Bar” folder and the “other bookmarks” folder already exist in chrome. But, we can choose another folder option according to our preference.

The “Done” option displayed that bookmarked page in the Bookmark Bar, which is located just below the address bar. This is how we add the bookmarks to the chrome bookmark bar.

How to Display or Suppress Chrome Bookmarks Bar

The most convenient way to show or hide Bookmark Bar is with the shortcut key that every web page uses. Chrome web pages also support the same shortcut key for hiding and showing the bookmark bar. We need to use the “ctrl” key, then the “shift” key along with the alphabet key “B”. If the bookmark bar is hidden then, with the shortcut key “ctrl+shift+B” will show the bookmark bar.

The same key will be used to hide the chrome Bookmark Bar. Note that before using these keys, we have to click on the Chrome address bar.

We have shown or hidden the chrome Bookmark Bar through the windows shortcut keys. Chrome provides us with settings to hide and show the bookmark bar. Click on the icon of the three dots that are vertically aligned on the Chrome homepage after opening it. There, we have an option for “Bookmarks”. We have to click on that option for the next step. The Bookmarks option has many other options, and one of them is the “show bookmarks bar”. We can mark this option as show and remain unmarked to hide the bookmarks bar.

We can also show or hide the chrome bookmarks bar with the settings menu. Select the setting option as shown below.

If we click on the option “setting”, the chrome setting page will be opened, and we have to find the “Appearance” option from the left side, where many other functionality options are available.

Once we have clicked the “Appearance” option, it will be opened like the following image. Here, we can choose many options to modify the look of the chrome. Also, we can visualize the option “show bookmarks bar,” which is turned off. That means the chrome bookmarks bar is hidden this time.

We can turn it on to show the bookmarks bar on the chrome page. By turning it on and off, the bookmark bar will also be displayed and hidden at the same time.

How to Show or Hide the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome Through Windows 10 Registry Editor App

We have another method to show and hide the bookmarks bar in chrome without involving the chrome application. We used the “Registry Editor Application,” which is by default present in Windows 10. Now, look for the “Registry Editor App” on the Windows 10 menu bar. We have shown via screenshot how does the app look like.

When the app is launched, set the following path where the “COMPUTER” is written, this path will create the “Policies” folder.

Now, the “Policies” folder has been created, and a screenshot is shown in that folder.

Inside the “Policies” folder, we have created another folder which is labeled “MyGoogle”.

Then, we created the sub-folder “Chrome” for the “MyGoogle” folder.

After that, right, click on the sub-folder “Chrome” and press the “New” option there. The “New” option has the “QWORD-64bit”. Click on that option.

Now, we can see the new value is generated here, and we named that value the “BookmarkBarEnabled” value.

Now, if we open Chrome again, the chrome bookmark bar will be disabled. If we want to show it again, then we must take the same actions.

How to Export Bookmarks on the Chrome Page

We have some basic steps to export the Bookmarks from the chrome page. First, we have to press on the “Bookmarks”. After that, we have to choose the “Bookmark manager” option.

The “Bookmarks” page will be opened, and we have to press the right side of the icon that has three aligned dots.

We have some options displayed here; from them, choose the “Export Bookmarks” option.

The HTML file will be generated that will be saved inside our personal computers.


The Chrome application makes it easy to show and hide Bookmark Bars. According to user preference, we can show the Bookmark Bar and also hide the Bookmark Bar in chrome. Although, the Bookmark Bar is hidden by default in the Chrome application. We need to activate it by following the above instructions. Moreover, the Registry method will also help us to hide or show Bookmark Bars in chrome without interacting with the chrome application.

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