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ShareX 11.6.0 Screencast Released with Azure Storage support

ShareX is an open source program that lets you take screenshots or screencasts of any selected area of your screen and share it. In addition to taking screenshots, it can upload images, text files and all other different file types to over 80 supported destinations.


ShareX Key Features

ShareX 11.6.0 Changelog

  • Added outlined text drawing tool
    Drawing: Text (Outline)

    to region capture, previous text drawing tool was named as

    Drawing: Text (Background)
  • In region capture text input window pressing Enter accepts text and close input window, Ctrl + Enter inserts new line
  • Added cancel button to region capture text input window which ignores text changes and close input window, you can also press Esc
  • Added ShareX Firefox addon (Application settings -> Integration tab)
  • Added Azure Storage support
  • Added workaround to support TLS 1.2 when .NET Framework 4.5 or newer is installed in system
  • Added option to disable region capture annotation support (Task settings -> Advanced tab)
  • Allow drag n drop file upload support to actions toolbar
  • Added additional hotkeys for main window task list and hotkey info text for its right click menu items
    • Open URL Enter
    • Open file Ctrl + Enter
    • Open folder Shift + Enter
    • Copy URL Ctrl + C
    • Copy file Shift + C
    • Copy image Alt + C
    • Copy file path Ctrl + Shift + C
    • Upload Ctrl + U
    • Download Ctrl + D
    • Edit image Ctrl + E
    • Delete task from list Del
    • Delete file locally Shift + Del
  • Removed info button from main window because most tasks hotkey visible in right click menu now
  • Removed image uploader because the service is dead

Download: ShareX 11.6.0 | Portable
View: ShareX Home Page | Release Notes

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