Set Timezone Ubuntu

Time is a very important part of our everyday computing. We, humans, may even tolerate hours of time mismatch but in the case of the computer, even a millisecond mismatch can cause some real trouble.  For ensuring that your system’s time is on the correct path, it’s necessary to set the right time zone. When you first install Ubuntu, you can choose the right time zone.  In case you need to change the time zone, this guide will help you out.

Changing time zone

There are 2 different approaches to changing the time zone – using system tools and using commands.

Change time zone from system settings

Open the GNOME menu.

Set Timezone Ubuntu

Search for “time zone”.

Select the “Date and Time” from “Settings” section.

Uncheck the option “Automatic Time Zone”.

Click on “Time Zone”.

Change to the time zone you want, then close the window.

It’s recommended to restart your system to make sure that all your software are working the updated time zone.

Changing the time zone using the commands

Open up a terminal and run the following commands –

sudo -s
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Follow the on-screen steps for selecting your target time zone.

Once the time zone change is complete, you’ll see the following confirmation message –


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