How to Use the Set-TimeZone Cmdlet in PowerShell?

In Windows, the time zone is usually adjusted or set through the graphical user interface(GUI). However, it can also be set using PowerShell’s “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet. To change the system time zone to a specific time zone, use the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet. The standard alias for the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet is the “stz”.

This guide will explain the usage of PowerShell’s “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet.

How to Use the PowerShell’s Set-TimeZone Cmdlet?

With PowerShell’s “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet, a user can change the system time zone to a certain time zone. To do so, first, use the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet and assign it the time zone name.


Let’s have a look at the general syntax of the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet in PowerShell:

Set-TimeZone [-Name] [CommonParameters]

Example 1: Use the “Set-TimeZone” Cmdlet to Set the Time Zone by ID

First, use the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet. Then, specify the time zone by using the “-Id” parameter:

Set-TimeZone -Id "UTC"

Example 2: Use the Cmdlet “Set-TimeZone” to Set the Time Zone by Name

First, use the cmdlet “Set-TimeZone” along with the parameter “-Name” and specify the time zone name. Lastly, use the parameter “-PassThru” at the end:

Set-TimeZone -Name "Coordinated Universal Time" -PassThru

Example 3: Use the Cmdlet “Set-TimeZone” to List All Available Time Zones

To retrieve the available list of time zones, first, use the “Get-TimeZone” cmdlet. Then, assign the “-ListAvailable” parameter:

Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable

That’s it! We have described the usage of the “Get-TimeZone” cmdlet in PowerShell.


The “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet in PowerShell is used to change the system time zone to a given time zone. Simply pass the time zone name to the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet to set the time zone to a certain time zone. This tutorial has explained the usage of the “Set-TimeZone” cmdlet with the help of various examples.

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