Where to Sell Broken Laptop?

Every laptop has a life span, after that, the laptop become slow, and problems start arising; on the other hand, if the laptop is broken, then we will be unable to perform any task on it. In that case, you don’t need to throw away the laptop as you can sell it. To know where to sell your broken laptops, read this guide:

Can you Sell Your Laptop Online for Some Cash?

There are many ways and platforms to sell your broken laptops and get some cash from them, which can be used to buy a new one. If you want to convert your trash into cash, then these are the options where you can sell your broken laptops. The three best platforms for selling your broken laptop are:

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Swappa
  3. On Sell Your Laptop site

1: Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell anything at any location, then the Facebook marketplace is the best platform for it. You can also sell your broken laptop there to many customers. Selling your laptop on the Facebook marketplace can benefit you a lot like there is no price restriction, and you can set the price according to your choice.

  • Set your own price for your laptop.
  • You can sell independently, and don’t have to pay any other person as there is no middleman.
  • You can set your listing as “best offer” and let the buyers bid on it.

Whenever you are willing to post your broken laptop’s ad on the Facebook marketplace, always take some high-quality images, write a detailed description of your device and quickly respond to the queries you receive on your ad.


  • You avail the facility of setting the price on your own for your laptop.
  • From the Facebook marketplace, you can sell your laptop online and can meet the buyer in person as well.
  • There is no brand restriction; you can sell any laptop of any brand.


  • Facebook marketplace may require some monitoring and possible price negotiations with the buyer.

Verdict: To get the best price for your used laptop, you can use the Facebook marketplace for the best results.



2: Swappa

Through Swappa, you can sell a wide range of your electronics, including your broken laptops, and can purchase new devices from there. There are no third-party agents or resellers, so that you will be in contact with the customers directly. Although swappa allows the resellers to access their platform most of the swappa users are direct customers themselves. If you want to sell your devices around you in person, then you can use Swappa Local. Swappa’s flexibility brings Swappa into the competition of Facebook marketplace and other online marketplaces.


  • The best part is that you can set your own price for your devices.
  • Due to no brand restriction, you are eligible to sell multiple laptop brands laptops.
  • Swappa offers instant payment systems.


  • Swappa may require some monitoring and possible price negotiations.
  • The responsibility for resetting and shipping the laptop is on you.

Verdict: If you are not satisfied with selling your laptops from other platforms, you can sell them on Swappa.

3: Sell Your Laptop

Sell Your Laptop is another online service provider platform where you can easily sell your broken laptop. You can sell a laptop of any brand, year, or model, and the payment gateways are supported along with the cash payment facility. Also, you can sell your broken laptop at a good price on the same day.


  • There is an immense variety available on this website.
  • You can avail of Free shipping from this website.
  • This website also offers multiple payment options.


  • You must reset your laptop before selling it.

Verdict: You cannot set price of your own choice on this platform.

Sell Spare Parts of Your Laptop

You can also sell spare parts of your laptop like:

  • Power supply
  • CPU
  • HDD
  • Optical drives
  • Display

There are two main platfroms where you can sell spare parts of your laptop:

  • Bits & PC
  • eBay

1: Bits & PC’s

Bits and PCs is a platform where you can sell your laptop parts and components, and you can also get repaired your laptop components from this website. You can sell your laptop’s components and parts on bits and PCs and can make some money out of it.

2: eBay

The ebay is one of the oldest and best markets places to sell laptop parts. You can sell your laptop parts and components at a good price and can also order new components for your laptop.


Laptops being an important part of our life, can disturb our workflow if it’s broken or has some issues in them, but it doesn’t mean that you should throw them away as it can affect our environment; simply sell your broken laptops and make some money out of it and save that money for future use. You can sell your broken laptop online and in person on many websites; check the information mentioned in this guide to sell your broken laptop with ease.

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