Salesforce and Phone Integration

Using Salesforce Dialer for essentials or from a third party, we can create a phone in Salesforce. In this guide, we will use a third party product which is Fastcall which connects with Salesforce contacts directly. This product also logs calls. It stores them in the “Task” object. Let’s see how to install Fastcall and use it for phone calls on the Salesforce “Contact” object.

Installing Fastcall

Fastcall is a product that is used to dial the user first on the attached mobile device. In Salesforce, Fastcall dials the number on the record (like contacts, etc.). We can directly get it from the Salesforce AppExchange. Let’s navigate to the AppExchange and get Fastcall. It’s free.

1. Navigate to this link and search for Fastcall. Then, click on “Get It Now”.

2. Now, it asks the Salesforce Environment in which the Fastcall is to be installed. Select your Salesforce account and click on “Install in Production”.

3. Agree to the specified terms and conditions and click on “Confirm and Install”.

4. You need to install it for all users. We already installed it here. So, we choose the “Upgrade” option.

5. Finally, it is installed.

Configuring Fastcall

1. Go to the App Launcher and search for “Fastcall”. Select “Fastcall Lightning”.

2. Go to the Fastcall “Settings” tab and click the submit button by accepting the “Fastcall Terms & Conditions”.

3. Now, the configuration settings are done.

Use Case 1: Integrating Fastcall to Log a Call

Now, we will see how to call a contact person through Fastcall. Quickly go to the “Contacts” tab and open any contact record that has the phone (not null). Here, we select the  contact which is “Tim Barr”.

1. Click on the phone of the contact which is “Tim Barr”. You can see that the call starts.

2. Now, add the call notes “Calling from Sales purpose” and “Need Purchase details”.

3. Click on the “Log Call” and close the task.

4. Now, you can see the duration for the contact which is “Tim Barr”.

5. You can see that the call is logged in the contact. To view the log, go to the “Activity” component.

Click on the log (calling from sales purpose) to view the log details.

You can view the calls under the “Calls” tab.

Use Case 2: Integrating Fastcall to Send Messages

We can also message specific contacts using the Fastcall product. Let’s see how to achieve this functionality.

1. Search for the contact – “Arthur Song”.

2. The “Message” section will open such that we can type a message and send it to the contact.

Here, we insert one template which is “I missed your call”.


Salesforce and phone integration is possible using third party products. Here, we utilized the Fastcall product that is used to log the calls and send messages through records in Salesforce. As part of this guide, we learned how to call the phone of the contacts and log the calls that stored the call details. All the calls are seen under the “Calls” tab and the call details under the “Tasks” tab.

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