Salesforce and Outlook Integration

Integrating Microsoft Outlook with Salesforce is simple and helps the Salesforce Sales teams in tracking the email conversations with respect to Salesforce records like account, events, campaigns, etc. The main aim is to eliminate the efforts on redundant data entry into these two (Salesforce and Outlook) applications. Without switching between Salesforce Org and Outlook, the Sales team directly enters the data. This will help in saving time. In this guide, we will discuss how to integrate Outlook with Salesforce.

Integrating Outlook with Salesforce

Outlook is a Microsoft product that allows us to send and receive the email messages. We can manage our calendars, track tasks, and store the contacts. We need to follow several steps to integrate Outlook with Salesforce. Let’s see one by one without skipping. First, we need to login to Salesforce Org. If you don’t have Salesforce Org, you can register here –

Step 1: Click on the gear icon and select “Setup”. Make sure that your user email is an Outlook email address. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Step 2: In the “Quick Find”, type in “Outlook Integration and Sync” and click on that. Enable the Outlook Integration.

Make sure that you enable the “Log Email Messages to Salesforce while Composing”.

Step 3: The next step that you need to do is to click on “Activate and Notify Reps”. Then, edit the email notification.

Step 4: Click on “Edit” and set the active and advanced email security settings to “True” and save it.

Step 5: Let’s check whether the administrator enabled the email to Salesforce or not. Click the “Send Email Notification” button.

You can see that the email is triggered to the Salesforce Org user email.


Step 6: The next step is to add the Salesforce add-in within the Outlook application. To achieve this, go to your Outlook application and click the three dots (top-right) on any message and choose “Get Add-ins”.

Search for “Salesforce” and click on “Add”.

After adding, you can see that “Salesforce” is visible in the message.

Step 7: Click on that and it will ask us to login. Click on “Login In to Salesforce” and allow it to display in a new window.

Step 8: You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page from the Outlook application. Enter your username and password and click on “Confirm”.

Now, you integrated Salesforce with Outlook.

Step 9: Again, go to Salesforce and open the “Outlook Integration and Sync” under “Quick Find”. Create a new pane under the “Email Application Panes”.

By default, the page looks like the following image. Click on “Save”.

Step 10: Set the pane assignments for the email application. Here, you need to select the profiles.

After selecting the profiles, click on “Next”.


We learned how to integrate Salesforce with Outlook through configuration. First, we have an Outlook email account and the same email is passed as the Salesforce user email. After enabling and activating the email notifications, we added a Salesforce add in. Finally, we can utilize the Salesforce feature to log the events and track the Salesforce standard/custom objects.

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