ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO Mouse – Review

Using peripherals with your laptop can bring ease for you in doing your daily routine tasks or playing games on your laptop. Using the trackpad of your laptop can be a little bit slow as it makes it difficult to work while scrolling down a webpage, document or any excel sheet. Moreover, if you are a regular gamer then the trackpad is useless because you cannot make quicker movements.

So, there are a number of mice available in the market as a replacement for your trackpad. The ROCCAT Kain 100 AMIO is one of the best mice for the users that need a good replacement for their trackpad. I have reviewed this mouse so that you can get to know about its quirks and features that will help you in your decision of buying it.

Reviewing the ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO

To make my review more elaborative I have divided it on the basis of the following categories that will help you in knowing what its pluses and minuses are and also if it meets your requirements or not.

Design and features

The ROCCAT Kain100 AIMO is a mid-level mouse that can be used for both gaming and for performing daily tasks. It comes with five buttons that can be customized by using its own software that comes along with it so you can have great experience while gaming as well as multitasking. This mouse is equipped with R8 pro-optic sensor that gives sensitivity up-to 8500 CPI and also to give a cool touch there is a RGB light that is along its scroller. The mouse is a little bit tilted towards the right making it easier for the right handers to use it as it helps in using the two buttons on the left side of the mouse.

The ROCCAT Kain100 AIMO has textured side panels which not only gives it a premium look but also contributes to the mouse grip. However, for the people who are palm grippers this mouse does not provide you a good experience and on the other hand for the fingertip grippers this mouse can make their experience more comfortable.

Built quality

The ROCCAT Kain100 AIMO has a plastic body, but it is so nicely built and doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic that will crack after falling several times. However, this mouse comes with a 6 feet long wire which can get damaged as the quality of its insulation is a little bit low. Another aspect that is affected by this long wire is the portability of the mouse as it can be difficult to roll up the wire nicely which can also contribute to more risk towards damaging the wire. At the bottom side there are pads given on both ends that ensures the smooth movement of the mouse and also requires less of an effort to move the cursor. The wheel of the mouse has rubber engraving on it that contributes to a smooth operation of scrolling.


The performance of the ROCCAT Kain100 AIMO is not disappointing If we compare it with its competitors as it comes with improved switches that possess Roccat’s Titan Click technology. The feature of customizing the keys which also includes the scroll speed and DPI settings make it more suitable for you especially if you are looking for an affordable gaming mouse. Another performance feature that might intrigue the gamers is that it uses an Owl-Eye sensor that can hit up-to 16000 DPI which is a lot of sensitivity for a mouse of this caliber.

Final thoughts on ROCCAT Kain100 AIMO

Following are the findings of my review that will further help you to select if this mouse is a best buy for you or not:

  • Large number of customizable options
  • Lower latency rate
  • Overall build quality is acceptable
  • Best for palm grippers and people with medium size hands
  • The cable is quality is average and can be easily damaged
  • Not suitable for the people that are left-handed
  • Uncomfortable for the people with big hands and palm grippers
  • Scroll can get broken or stop working after some time


Laptop trackpads are mostly designed for casual work but if you need a lot of scrolling or you are looking to play games then you will need an external mouse. In the market there is a vast variety of mice available but not all are either affordable or reliable. However, the ROCCAT Kain 100 AIMO is a reliable mouse that you can use for both work and gaming in the price range of 50 dollars and if you are interested in buying one then click here.

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