Why Does Roblox Keep Crashing?

Roblox is a 3D global online gaming platform where users can design games and play games online created by other users. There are some system requirements to play games, and if those system requirements are not fulfilled, then the game will lag, and certain game crashes can also happen. To get rid of this issue and know more about the crashing of Roblox, read this guide.

Roblox Minimum System Requirements

The system requirements for Roblox are:

  • Latest CPU with a 1.6GHz clock speed or more
  • DirectX 10 supports a graphics card
  • 1GB RAM, 20MB of storage space
  • Windows 7 or the latest

Why Does Roblox Keep Crashing?

There are multiple reasons for Roblox’s crashing, and they are as follows:

  • The game will crash if the system does not fulfil the Roblox requirements.
  • Due to the System cache.
  • Lack of enough space.
  • Missing and the corrupted game file is also the reason.
  • Windows OS required an update.
  • Outdated Display Drivers.
  • Too many applications running in the background.
  • Security firewall protection and any other third-party antivirus are activated.
  • Third-party app interferes with Roblox.

Roblox Keeps Crashing – How to Fix it?

You can Fix the issues with Roblox by following these different methods:

  1. Update drivers
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Check for Windows Updates
  4. Close unnecessary background applications
  5. Disable Antivirus
  6. Re-install Roblox
  7. Set high priority in task manager
  8. Change Roblox graphic quality
  9. Remove temporary files

1: Update Drivers

If Roblox keeps crashing, then you should update your graphic drivers.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start icon to open the Device Manager:

Step 2: Click on the arrow of Display adaptors:

Step 3: Right-click on your graphic card and select Properties and click on the Update Driver option:

2: Restart Your Laptop

If the Roblox application is crashing, you can restart your laptop. it will restore the original game settings and will also refresh the laptop. Click on Start Icon and select the power option to restart your laptop:

3: Update Windows

Updating windows is important to play games without crashing. If you update your window, then it will work properly because, in the older version of a laptop, most of the features are disabled. Check for windows updates by following these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows+I to open settings and click on Update & Security:

Step 2: Check for Windows updates; if available, install them.

4: Close Unnecessary Background Running Applications

Background applications consume many of your system resources, resulting in slow system performance. So, before starting Roblox, close all the unnecessary background applications to reduce the crashing. Follow these steps to close the background applications.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar to open the Task Manager:

Step 2: Under the processes tab, check which application is consuming more resources:

Step 3: Right-click on the Application and select End Task:

5: Disable Antivirus Programs

The Windows laptop has a built-in real-time anti-virus that can crash Roblox. So turn off the anti-viruses temporarily to reduce the Roblox crash. Follow these steps to turn off the anti-virus protection software:

Step 1: Right-click on the start icon and open the Settings of your laptop:

Step 2: Click on the Update & Security:

Step 3: Select Windows Security from the left panel:

Step 4: Select the Open Windows Security option:

Step 5: Open the Virus & threat protection:

Step 6: Click on the Manage settings:

Step 6: Turn the toggle off for Real-time protection:

6: Reinstall Roblox

There may be a recent update of Roblox due to which the app is crashing. Simply reinstall the Roblox application or install the update to avoid crashing.

7: Set High Priority in Task Manager

Set the Roblox as a high priority in the task manager:

Step 1: Right-click on the Task Bar and open the Task Manager:

Step 2: Under the details tab, Right- click on the Roblox and set the priority as high:

8: Change Roblox Graphic Quality

High graphic quality reduces the system performance if you don’t have a gaming laptop. Set the graphic quality low by following these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Roblox and click on the menu icon:

Step 2: Now, open the settings, set the graphic mode to manual, and drag the slider left to reduce the graphic quality:

9: Remove Temporary Files

Delete the temporary files to play smooth games on Roblox. Delete the temporary files in some cases, some files can not be deleted, so leave them as they are and close the folder.

Follow these steps to remove temporary files:

Step 1: Press Windows+R to open Run, type %temp%, and press the enter key.

Step 2: Select All the files, and press Shift+ Delete to remove all the files:

Tips To Remember

  • Try to use the Roblox app instead of the browser; if you prefer to play Roblox games on the browser, then Google Chrome is best for you.
  • Close all the background applications before starting to play Roblox.


Roblox is a gaming app that needs some system requirements to run smoothly. If the system is getting slower and the Roblox app is crashing, it can be because of reasons mentioned above. Simply, follow the fixes and methods provided in this guide to run Roblox smoothly.

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