What Does Riptide Do in Minecraft?

There are several other enchantments available in Minecraft, but only one is known as Riptide, and you can only put it to a trident in the game. The trident can be grabbed from the Drowned’s drop once defeated. The trident’s primary use is to aid in travel and combat against players or mobs. When Java 1.13 and Bedrock 1.4 Beta were released, the enchantment was included in the game for the first time. During such versions of the game, the trident was first introduced. The player must defeat or kill a Drowned to earn the trident. Even though a trident’s drop rate is only 8.5 percent, it is not impossible because they tend to attack in groups, making it more likely.

Unless the player has a trident, this enchantment is unavailable. Enchanting the trident allows the player to acquire forward momentum, but You must toss it in rain or water. The character that the player takes on should have a damp appearance. You can apply enchantments of all kinds to the trident via the enchantment table, Anvil, or in-game command. It’s best to use it in rain or water to see how the enchantment on the trident moves you in the direction of your foe. Right now, the highest degree an Enchantment of Ripple can achieve is 3. This shows that you can use riptide 3 to enchant a trident. The enchantment’s power grows in direct proportion to the character’s level.

What Does Riptide Do in Minecraft?

A blocky 3D environment with endless exploration opportunities awaits players in this game. The player can gather resources, look for treasure maps, or perform other actions. Alternatively, players can compete with computer-controlled bots or with fellow online competitors. It’s also possible to play in various game modes such as “survival mode,” allowing players to gather resources and keep their avatar alive. Additionally, there is a creative world in which max resources are available and the capacity to fly. New goods and gameplay features can be added, and the game itself can be updated accordingly.

What Role Does Riptide Have in the Game?

In an aquatic setting, tridents may be an extremely effective weapon, and they are essential if you want to increase the Riptide. You can utilize it for both travel and combat. It is one of its most astounding qualities. To speed over water, particularly in rainy or snowy environments, use the riptide enchantment from time to time. At the same time, underwater or in an aquatic area, the trident’s movement speed is nearly four times as quick as it would be without the enchantment. The player’s travel speed rises by six levels if they are standing in still water, in a rainy environment, or the snow. This is because the trident goes with the player. Climbing a vertical structure, for example, becomes much easier when using this type of transportation in hilly or upward terrain.

As long as the player decides to employ the weapon, it can give the player a significant edge in combat. The trident deals a lot of damage if it strikes a group or an enemy. When a trident is a Riptide enchanted in Minecraft Bedrock, it can only inflict damage on numerous foes at once. As long as the trident is put in the dispenser, it won’t hurt innumerable foes, but it will fly almost ten times faster.

How to Get and Use Riptide in Minecraft?

First, you have to find the trident you will get from a Drowned. So make sure you explore the seas to find a drowned person and get a trident by killing it.

Now enchant the trident through Anvil, and you can easily use the Riptide enchanted trident.


Interestingly, because you cannot create a Minecraft trident, you will not discover a formula for this underwater weapon. Instead, these will need to be obtained from a drowned zombie, one of the new zombies added to the Aquatic update, whose soggy, cold, and lifeless hands. With its mob drop & diamond sword-like power, it is a fantastic weapon to use in the early stage of your Minecraft journey if you are strong enough to take down Drowned.

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