How to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

There are lots of animals available in the game that can be utilized for different purposes and one of them is the horse. A horse is one of the fastest animals in the game that can travel up to 14 blocks per second and you can ride it once tamed that will help you to travel a long distance a lot sooner.

How to Find a Horse

The first important step that is needed to ride a horse is to find one and there are plenty of them in the game. One of the easiest and time-saving ways to find a horse is by locating them on the plain biomes which are filled with greenery and trees, or you can find them in the sand as well. After finding a horse when you got closer, it will run away from you. So first we will build a wall around it using a fence or any other block so that it won’t get away and the recipe for making a fence will be discussed in the next section.

How to Make a Fence

There are a variety of fences available in the Minecraft game but for simplicity, we are going to build an oak fence. For that, the first item that you need is 4 oak planks that you can make by placing 1 oak log on the crafting table where you can get this oak log by chopping the oak tree.

Now the second item that you need is to make 2 sticks whereas you can get 4 sticks by placing 2 oak planks that you already made earlier.

There is one thing to keep in mind you have made 4 oak planks from which you have used two for making 4 sticks, so you need additional 2 oak planks for this recipe which is possible by placing another oak log on the crafting table. Now 4 oak planks and 2 sticks will give you 3 oak fences, so you need to repeat these steps according to your requirement and the size of the wall that you want to build.

How to Make Horse Friendly

Now the next item that you need to make the horse more friendly is to feed them using any food source and, in our case, we are going to use wheat. You can either build a wheat crop and harvest it to get the wheat or you can place the hay bale on the crafting table that will give you 9 pieces of wheat.

How to Tame a Horse

After getting the food for the horse, the next step is to tame a horse which is not a difficult job to do. All you need to do is to hold the wheat in your hand and go closer to the horse and then right click to feed it. After a few tries the horse will be more friendly to you and only then you can tame it.

Here you can only sit on the back of the horse and cannot order it to move or run so for this you need to put a saddle on its back.

How to Find and Put a Saddle on the Horse

There is no recipe available to find a saddle and you can only find it from the chest inside caves or dungeons.

After that you need to open the chest by right-clicking on it to find a saddle inside it as shown below.

After getting the saddle you can put it on the back of the horse by right clicking on it.

Now you are ready to ride a horse and instruct it to walk, run or jump whenever you need as it is now under your control.


Minecraft comes with endless possibilities when it comes to creativity and imagination as you can do almost anything in the game that you can think. So if by any chance you stumble upon the horses and now if you want to ride on one then we have got you covered as we have explained in detail how you can do that in this article.

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