How to Restore a MacBook?

If you want to make your MacBook new again or just want to sell your MacBook, then you must restore it. Other than that, if your MacBook is getting slower because of some unknown app bug, then you can also perform a restore to get the original speed back. Want to restore your MacBook? Follow this article:

Reasons for Restoring the MacBook

Following are the possible reasons for restoring the MacBook

  • Updated the macOS or updated some applications, and now want the older macOS.
  • Accidentally downloaded malware and want to uninstall it to save your MacBook.

What to do Before Restoring the MacBook?

  • Backup your data
  • Sign out of Apple ID

How to Restore a MacBook?

Restoring your MacBook to its original settings is not difficult. The three main steps required for restoring are:

  1. Backup your data
  2. Erase the hard drive
  3. Reinstall macOS

Step 1: Backup Your Data

The first thing you should do before restoring your MacBook is backup your data using Migration Assistant because restoring the MacBook will erase all the data:

Step i: Ensure the Time Machine backup disk is connected to your MacBook.

Step ii: Click on the Apple logo and open the System Preferences.

Step iii: Look for a Time Machine to open it.

Step iv: Click on Select Backup Disk and choose the disk to create the backup of your data.

Step 2: Clean the Hard Drive

After backing up your data now, clean the hard drive of your MacBook by following these simple steps:

Step i: Tap on the Apple icon and choose the Restart option.

Step ii: Start the MacBook in the recovery mode by pressing the Command+R key.

Step iii: Now, choose the Disk Utility option.

Step iv: Select the hard drive and click on Erase.

Step v: Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option from the appeared menu.

Step vi: Type a new name for your hard drive.

Step vii: Click on the Erase button.

Step 3: Reinstall macOS on Your MacBook

The third and last step is to install the macOS on your MacBook to start it again by following these simple steps:

Step i: Make sure your MacBook is connected to the internet.

Step ii: Open the main menu in the recovery mode, click on Reinstall macOS and select continue.

Step iii: A pop-up screen will appear to click on the continue button again.

Step iv: Read the software licence agreement thoroughly and click the Agree button to continue the process.

Step v: Select the boot disk and click on Install.

Step vi: Wait for a few minutes until MacBook restarts and continue the installation process.


Restoring the MacBook is an easy and few steps process. You can restore the MacBook to achieve the original speed back. If you are selling your older MacBook, then you must restore it so all your data is erased from it and no one else can access it.

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