How to Restart Debian Linux From Command Line

Restarting a Linux system like Debian is important especially when you have performed some new configurations that need a system restart. Further, it also helps you to recover from the temporary glitches that can occur at any time. Since most Debian users preferred controlling the system from the command line. Thus, this article will present a detailed guide to restart Debian through the command line.

Restart Debian Linux From Command Line

There are several commands that can restart Debian within no time. The details of these commands are discussed below:

Command 1

The “reboot” command is a widely used command that can be used on the Debian terminal to restart the system. The command is given below:

sudo reboot

Note: You will require entering the password to reboot the Debian.

Command 2

The systemctl command is widely used to manage the system services and you can use it to reboot the Debian system as well from the following command:

sudo systemctl reboot

Command 3

You can also restart or reboot the Debian system by executing the below-given command as well that immediately restart the system.


Command 4

You can also use the shutdown command with the -r argument followed by now to immediately restart the Debian system from the command line.

shutdown -r now

If you want to schedule the system restart, you can add a delay of a few minutes with the command.

The below-given command will restart the system by displaying the notification that the system is going to restart in the next five minutes:

shutdown -r +5

Command 5

The below mentioned command can be utilized to restart the Debian system from the command line.

sudo init 6

Bottom Line

Linux comes with various options to restart the system from the command line. You can use the simple sudo reboot command to restart the system. You can also use the systemctl, sbin, shutdown, or init commands to restart the Debian system as well. The commands are already provided in the above-mentioned guidelines and you can choose the one that suits the best for you.

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