How to Resolve Git Status “Unmerged paths:”?

While working on Git, users deal with multiple conflicts and errors when trying to perform unusual operations or switching to another without aborting or skipping the ongoing operation, such as the “Unmerged paths:” issue. This issue arises when developers modify a single file multiple times with the same lines. To resolve this problem, developers are required to add all the changes and merge them.

The outcome of this study is to provide the method of resolving the Git status “unmerged paths:” issue.

How to Resolve Git Status “Unmerged paths:”?

First, we will show the above-stated Git status issue. Then, resolve the Git status issue by executing the “git add <filename>” command and view the Git repository’s current status.

Step 1: Provide Git Repository Path

At first, utilize the “cd” command along with the desired repository path:

$ cd "C:\Users\nazma\Git\repo_16"

Step 2: Generate and Modify File

Then, run the provided command to create and add some changes simultaneously:

$ echo "My text file" >> "file1.txt"

Step 3: Track File

Now, track the added changes by running the “git add” command:

$ git add file1.txt

Step 4: Push Changes

Next, run the below-stated command and commit made changes to the Git repository:

$ git commit -m "repo's first file added"

Step 5: Update File

After that, add new changes to the existing file through the “echo” command:

$ echo "text file" >> "file1.txt"

Step 6: Stash Changes

Run the “git stash” command to stash all added changes:

$ git stash

The given command is used to hold the working directory and added changes with index temporarily:

Step 6: Modify Existing File

Next, utilize the “echo” command to modify the existing file:

$ echo "file" >> "file1.txt"

Step 7: Update Index

Now, execute the “git add .” command to update the staging index with new changes:

$ git add .

Step 8: View Repository Status

Check the Git repository’s current working branch status through the following command:

$ git status .

As you can see, the “Unmerged paths:” issue occurred:

Note: To resolve the above-occurred specified issue, execute the provided command, then again check the Git status.

Step 9: Track Added Changes

Execute the “git add” command and add all changes to the index:

$ git add file1.txt

Step 10: Check Git Status

Lastly, run the given command to ensure either the “Unmerged paths:” issue got resolved:

$ git status .

According to the output, the previously occurred issue has been resolved successfully:

That’s it! We have provided the easiest way to resolve the Git status “Unmerged paths:” issue.


Developers often encounter the “Unmerged paths:” issue, which occurs when they perform several modifications and do not combine them. To resolve the Git status issue, execute the “git add” command along with the “<filename>” option and check the status of the working Git repository. This study demonstrated a method of resolving the Git status “unmerged paths:” issue.

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