Resolve Error: WordPress Line Breaks Not Working

This brief WordPress tutorial shows how to solve WordPress line breaks problems.

After reading this tutorial, you’ll know how to apply different solutions to break line problems.

The methods explained in this tutorial include both Post Editor and plugin tips.

All steps shown in this article include screenshots, making it easy for all WordPress users to follow them.

All screenshots belong to the current version of WordPress.

This tutorial is optimized for WordPress beginner-level and medium-level users.

Resolve Error: WordPress Line Breaks Not Working From the Post Editor:

This section explains how to add break lines from the WordPress dashboard through the Code editor, even when the <br> tag does not work. Below, you can find the solution for this problem.

To begin, access your dashboard and on the left menu press Posts. Then, press the post where you want to add break lines.

Press the three dots icon at the top right corner within the post edition screen, as shown by the upper arrow in the screenshot below. Then, press the Code editor option, as shown by the lower arrow:

Once you are in the Code editor, you can add break lines. Most users try to add the <br> tag. This shall not work. Instead, use the tags shown in the code below and in the following screenshot. You can repeat the <br class=””><br> tag as many times as you need. Remember to press the Update button to apply changes:

<br class=””><br>

In the image below, you can see the result:

That’s how to add break lines in WordPress from the Code editor without external tools.

Solving Break Line Problems in WordPress by Copying From an External Source:

Another simple way to add break lines in your content is to prepare the content in a text processor to copy and paste it into WordPress. This section shows how to copy and paste already formatted text in your WordPress post or page.

It is pretty simple. Below, I will use Google docs to copy a text to be pasted in WordPress.

In Google Docs, open your document and press CTRL+A to select all the content. Then, right-click and press Copy as shown in the image below:

Now, open your Post editor in WordPress (Visual editor), right-click any part of the document, and press the Paste option. Now, the post has been pasted on WordPress, including the break lines you did in Google Docs. The same works if using Microsoft Word.

Press the Update button to see the changes.

Resolve Error: WordPress Line Breaks Not Working Using a Plugin:

You can use WordPress plugins that ease formatting entries and pages. One of them is TinyMCE, which is used as an example in this tutorial.

TinyMCE allows you to include additional features both to WordPress block and Classic Editors. Implementing this process is pretty straightforward.

To begin, access your WordPress dashboard and press Plugins in the left menu. Then, press the Add New button as shown below (Plugins>Add New):

The Add Plugins screen uses the search box. Next, type TinyMCE, as shown by the upper arrow.

When the Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced) shows up, press the Install Now button (lower arrow):

Now, you need to enable the installed plugin. Just press the Activate button shown in the following screenshot to accomplish this:

Once installed, you need to configure Advanced Editor Tools (TinyMCE).

To access configuration options, press Settings. Then, press Advanced Editor Tools (TinyMCE Advanced), as shown below:

TinyMCE includes more features for the WordPress Classic Editor, which you can enforce by selecting the following options:

  • Tick Add Classic Paragraph Block
  • Tick Replace the Block Editor with the Classic Editor
  • Untick Keep paragraph tags in the Classic block and the Classic editor

You can leave the rest of the options as default, but exploring them can improve this tool according to your needs.

Scroll down and press the Save Changes button to apply changes.

Now, press Posts and choose any post by pressing it. You also can pass your mouse over the post you want to edit and press the Edit button.

You will see a text editor with additional options to format your content.

Now, every time you press the ENTER key you will add a break line.

That’s how you can implement a Classic Editor allowing you to create break lines with just an ENTER key using the TinyMCE plugin.


As you can see, solving the problem with line breaks in WordPress is an easy task you can achieve through three different methods explained in this tutorial. This article does not include additional techniques requiring the user to edit theme files to avoid problems. The changes made following these methods may be rewritten when you update your theme if you are not using a child theme to prevent this.

The second method used Google Docs as an example. However, you can follow the same instructions using any other text processor, provided its output is compatible with the WordPress Content Editor. Regarding the last option describing the Advanced Editor Tools, such as the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, keep in mind that the market offers alternatives. You may find a plugin fitting your needs better. All techniques used above are acceptable. You can implement the most comfortable method for you.

Thank you for reading this tutorial showing the different techniques to implement break lines in WordPress. I hope it was helpful. Keep following Linux Hint for additional WordPress professional tutorials and tips.

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