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How to Resolve the Common Issues of the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer which like other desktop computers, contains the RAM, processor, and allows input-output devices to connect with it. While using the Raspberry Pi device, the user can face many issues, which will produce hurdles in completing the tasks.

This write-up will address some of the common issues the users mostly face while using Raspberry Pi devices: 

Boot issues

The boot is a process in which the Raspberry Pi loads the operating system, and most users have to face the issue of not booting up due to several factors. When this issue occurs, the red LED on the Raspberry Pi board is turned On, and the green LED of the board either turns off or stops blinking and glowing constantly.

How to resolve the boot issue on Raspberry Pi : When the green light stops blinking, either the SD card inserted in it (which has the operating system on it) is not inserted correctly, or some files of the operating system written on it have been corrupted. Remove the SD card from the Raspberry Pi board and insert it again correctly to resolve this issue and if the issue sustains, then re-write the operating system on the SD card.

Issues accessing the Raspberry Pi through SSH

Raspberry Pi devices can easily be accessed and operated through SSH but many users due to several reasons do not be able access the Raspberry Pi over SSH.

How to access the Raspberry Pi over SSH : To access the Raspberry Pi over SSH makes sure that the SSH is enabled, to confirm this, go to the application menu on the left top corner of the Raspberry Pi operating system’s desktop screen:

Choose the “Preferences”, and then on the “Raspberry Pi configuration” in the next menu displayed:

Now go to the “Interfaces” and enable the SSH:

After making sure that SSH is enabled, you can access the Raspberry Pi by SSH.

Rebooting after some interval

Another common issue that Raspberry users face is rebooting the device after some time. You may lose your data if your device keeps on rebooting.

How to resolve the unexpected rebooting of Raspberry Pi : This unexpected rebooting of the Raspberry Pi is due to the power issue, and the Raspberry Pi board needs 5 Volts. If it is getting power lower than 5 Volt, it will reboot repeatedly and may not work at all. Ensure the data cable attached to the board is of good quality and provide the necessary power to the Raspberry Pi board.

Picture captured with a camera is either blank or black

Camera modules work with all the models of Raspberry Pi and can be used for various purposes. You may get a blank (no picture is captured)  or black picture while using the camera module with Raspberry Pi. This issue occurs due to the old versions of packages installed, while using the Raspberry Pi, make sure all the packages installed on the Raspberry Pi are up to date.

How to resolve the camera issue with the Raspberry Pi : Run the following command in the terminal of the Raspberry Pi to update and upgrade the packages on Raspberry Pi:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

Wifi not working on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 come with built-in WiFi but many times the WiFi does not work but ethernet works fine. This issue is because of security reasons therefore the routing between the ethernet port and the Raspberry Pi is disabled and you cannot use ethernet and wifi simultaneously.

How to turn wifi on : To resolve this issue, run the following command in the Raspberry Pi terminal:

$ sudo apt purge ifplugd


The Raspberry Pi is a computer board, and the users face minor issues while operating the board, which can quickly be resolved. Still, if the users are new and face these issues the first time, it may take much time to resolve them. In this write-up, we tried our best to discuss the common issues faced by most of the users, so it will save the time and energy of the new users in finding out ways to fix these common issues.

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