How to Repair Items in Minecraft

There are lots of tools available in Minecraft that can help you gather different resources such as a pickaxe and shovel and other than that you can also repair your weapons and armor as well. But the issue is that they start to lose their durability and eventually break when used continuously. So, making them again is a time-consuming task as you need to find and collect the required items again.

A better solution to solve this issue is to repair the damaged items which can be done easily. There are two main blocks available in the game that can do this job; one is the grindstone and the other one is the anvil which we are going to discuss in this article.

Materials Required to Make a Grindstone

To make a Grindstone you need to place 2 sticks, 1 stone slab, and 2 wooden slabs on a crafting table.

How to Make Sticks

The first item that you need to make is at least 1 wooden log either by punching trees or by using any pickaxe. Now 1 piece of the wooden log will give you 4 wooden planks and you need to place 2 of them again on a crafting table that will give you 4 sticks.

How to Make a Stone Slab

You need to dig at least 3 cobblestones which you can easily find in the caves, seashore, and mountains. you can find them and then you need to place them on a furnace along with any fuel that will provide you with stones.

If you don’t have the furnace before, then in that case you need to dig 8 more cobblestones as well which will be used to make it.

You will get 6 stone slabs by using 3 blocks of stones in the furnace.

How to Make Wooden Planks

You will need 1 wooden log to make 4 planks as shown below.

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

Place them in a sequence mentioned below to make it.

How to Use Grindstone to Repair Items

You can use this block for repairing purposes, For example, we have used 2 same shovels and when we place them in the grindstone, we will get the new shovel.

You can also repair your weapon and armor as well using this block and all you need to do is to place the same type of item twice in the grindstone.

Material Required to Make the Anvil

To make an anvil you require 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron ingots where one block of iron can be made using 9 iron ingots. This means that in total you need 31 iron ingots from which 27 will be used to make 3 blocks of iron.

You can make 1 iron ingot by placing 1 iron ore on a furnace along with any fuel source such as coal or wooden logs. This also means that you need to first collect at least 31 pieces of iron ores as well to make the anvil. Now place at least 31 iron ores inside a furnace to make 31 iron ingots through the process of smelting.

Now place 9 iron ingots on the crafting table to make 1 block of iron and repeat this process two more times to make 3 blocks of iron. After that place these 3 blocks of iron along with the remaining 4 blocks of the iron ingot to make an anvil as shown below.

How to Use Anvil to Repair Items

You need to place 2 damaged items in an anvil as we did previously in the grindstone to repair the item.

 Comparison Between Grindstone and Anvil

  • Grindstone requires fewer items that are easy to make whereas an anvil requires lots of iron ingots and you also need a furnace to make it.
  • Grindstone requires no experience for repairing whereas anvil needs the experience to repair items.
  • Grindstone is used to repair and disenchant the items that will also give you some experience in return, whereas anvil is used to repair and enchant the items.

Both blocks have unique features and now it’s up to you to decide which block you think is better than the other.


You need different tools such as an axe or a shovel to gather resources in the Minecraft game. These items have a specific durability limit and eventually break when used continuously. So repairing them is one of the better solutions to solve this problem as making them again is a time-consuming task to do. You can repair such items by using either the grindstone or an anvil that we have discussed in this article.

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