How to Repair a Crossbow in Minecraft

The crossbow in Minecraft is mainly found in the Bastion and Outpost ruins, or piglins and pillars can drop it. Over time, constant crossbow use gradually gets damaged, no matter how carefully we use it. After a raid, a player’s list is filled with worn-out crossbows. For this reason, repairing a crossbow also becomes an important task. Repairing these crossbows can prove to be helpful for players in the future. This article will explain the best method to repair a crossbow in Minecraft and use it again when required.

How to Repair a Crossbow in Minecraft

Ingredients to Repair a Crossbow

You can easily repair a crossbow with just one of these supplies:

  • Two damaged crossbows are loaded with fireworks.
  • Two damaged arrows are loaded with an arrow.
  • Two unloaded and damaged crossbow

An anvil and two or more damaged crossbows are required to repair a crossbow. Players can also use grindstones in place of anvils, but for this, they will have to remove enchantments. Anvils do not remove enchantments from any object. Players can use them to enchant a book by book of enchanting.

Players need two or more items to repair a crossbow because two damaged crossbows only make a new crossbow. In contrast, two semi-healthy ones will make a new crossbow.

Two damaged crossbows are joined together to repair the crossbow with the help of a grindstone or anvil. In the first slot, any loaded ammunition from the crossbow was placed. You sacrificed it in the second slot. Thus by this method, you can repair the crossbow in Minecraft.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have explained how to repair a crossbow in Minecraft. It is very easy to repair the crossbow in Minecraft. If you found the above information helpful, make sure you visit our official website to know more about Minecraft.

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