How To Remove Laptop RAM?

RAM is an essential volatile and temporary memory responsible for processing speed. RAMs are of multiple types and are used for various purposes. Modern day computers make use of DDR series dynamic RAM. There are times when RAM becomes corrupt, and you have to remove it or replace it.

Removing RAM from the laptop is not a difficult task, but things should be followed in order, so you don’t mess up things:

How To Remove Laptop RAM?

Here are the steps to help you successfully remove RAM from the laptop.

First of all, shut down the laptop using the function from the start menu and unplug the power cable. Avoid putting in sleep mode as it may result in data loss. Remove all the cables from the laptop, e.g., ethernet, modem, etc.

Remove the laptop battery and allow the laptop for some time for cooling. Now turn the laptop upside down by placing it on a soft cloth. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the back panel of the laptop.

Open the laptop’s back panel, find the memory modules, and spot the RAM. Pull the side clips to remove the RAM. Avoid holding RAM from the middle.

Now, as you have removed the RAM from the laptop, you can update it by replacing it with a newer one.

Once you are done with the process, Put the back panel into its place and tighten the screws to their original positions. Install the battery and turn on your laptop to see if the laptop is working fine.

How Can I Know About RAM Usage In My Laptop?

Multiple methods can help you check the usage of RAM on your laptop.

Simply open the RUN dialog box by pressing “Win+R.” Once you open the RUN box, type “resmon” and hit the enter button, resmon stands for resource monitor and tells you every detail about your RAM. You can check how your RAM is being used and what is using it.

Another method for detailed insight into your laptop RAM is using a performance monitor.

Press Win+R to open the RUN dialog box and type perfmon. Find the monitoring tools option and select Performance monitor. Here you can see a live graph of the memory usage by different utilities. You can add multiple filters by pressing Ctrl+N.

Using the task manager in the memory/storage section, you can view the RAM usage.

What Are The Key Differences Between RAM and ROM?

In terms of retaining the data, RAM can store data in it as long as the power is supplied to it as it is a volatile memory. ROM can retain memory without any continuous power as it is non-volatile memory.

RAM stores data that the processor processes. Also, RAM is a high-speed memory as compared to ROM. You can recover and change the data stored in RAM while you can only read the data stored in ROM.

RAM is used as CPU cache and primary memory, whereas ROM is used in firmware and microcomputers. The data stored in RAM is easily accessible to computers.

What Is DDR5 RAM?

DDR5 is the latest memory standard for RAM in modern-day computers. They are arriving in the market with a combination of intel’s 12th gen core processors and z690 chipset motherboards. The Z690 chipset motherboards are the first ones to support DDR5 RAM.

DDR5 DIMM comes with a collection of DDR5, DDR4, DDR3, and DDR2 segments. DDR5 comes with a boosted capacity of 64Gb per IC. This latest addition to RAMs can be useful for performance and graphics lovers.

The Conclusion

Removing or adding a new ram to the laptop requires ordinary skills. You just need a screwdriver to open the laptop and new RAM to add. Following the simple instructions can help you remove the RAM from the laptop easier.

Also, you can know about the usage of RAM from the task manager or performance monitor. I hope you loved reading the article and Don’t forget to share this information with your friends.

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