How to remove date from WordPress posts

This brief tutorial explains how to remove the date from your WordPress posts.

Content readers may choose up-to-date content over old content. That’s why

hiding or removing the date from WordPress posts is convenient for evergreen content that does not expire or lose value.

After reading this tutorial, you will know how to easily hide dates in your posts by implementing 2 plugins. This article offers you different options among available plugins.

Other articles show additional methods which were not included in this tutorial for not being available for all WordPress themes: Some CSS methods don’t work on all WordPress themes, and disabling the date from the dashboard settings is not working on new WordPress versions.

All steps explained in this tutorial include screenshots, making it easy for new WordPress users to follow them. Despite all steps being pretty easy to follow, pay attention to images if you find difficulties.

Removing the date from WordPress posts (Hide/Remove Metadata):

To install the plugin, press Plugins on the left dashboard menu and click Add New as shown in the image below (Plugins>Add New).

The plugins installation screen will show up. In the keyword, search field type “remove metadata” to show the plugin we are looking for. Then press the Install Now button of the Hide/Remove Metadata plugin, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once installed, enable the plugin by pressing the Activate button as shown in the following image.

Once installed and enabled, you can find the plugin configuration under Tools in the left menu (Tools>Hide/Remove Metadata).

You need to enable “Hide published date ” within the plugin dashboard,” as shown below, and press the Save Changes button.

Now your WordPress posts will not show the date.

Instructions to remove the date from WordPress posts (WP Meta and Date Remover):

By default, this method hides the author’s name from posts unless you have the premium version. Don’t use it if you want to remove the date while keeping the post author.

If you want to hide both of them, to begin, access your WordPress dashboard and find the Plugins option on the left menu, as shown in the screenshot below. Then press the Add New option (Plugins>Add New).

Once you open the dashboard plugin installation page, find the keyword search box and type WP Meta and Date Remover. When WP Meta and Date Remover show up, press the Install Now button as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the plugin is installed, press the Activate button to enable the plugin.

The plugin will request additional permissions you can allow or skip. Press the option you prefer.

Now, your date and the author won’t show up on posts. You can access additional options by pressing Settings on the left menu and WP Meta and Date Remover on the displayed submenu (Settings> WP Meta and Date Remove)

Now your date won’t show up on your posts.


As you can see, removing or hiding the date from WordPress posts is an easy task. Any WordPress-level user can disable dates on posts in a few clicks by following the instructions above. As said previously, this article explains how to remove or hide the date on posts by installing plugins. Other methods are subjective, theme depending and outdated, and were omitted. It is essential to note some content may benefit from date removal when users look for newer content even when the publication date is irrelevant.

Thank you for reading this tutorial showing how to prevent the date from showing up on WordPress posts. Keep following Linux Hint for additional WordPress tutorials and tips.

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