How to Remove the Curse of Vanishing Minecraft?

A famous magic enchantment in Minecraft is the curse of vanishing. You can curse any item through this enchantment. It has its special uses, but the primary use of curses is to troll their friends around the game. The purpose of this article is to share all of the information you need about the curse of vanishing, including how to remove and use it.

What is the Curse of Vanishing?

It is a rare enchantment that you can get from treasure. To get it, you have to “sacrifice” an item so that it can curse you with the vanishing curse enchantment. You can use this vanishing enchantment curse by arranging attractive iron blocks for some different weapons, game order, or together in a table. There are fishing rods, spades, bows, shields, pickaxes, shovels, swords, axes, and many other compatible items that you can add to the curse.

You can apply a curse to the player’s tool using the curse of vanishing enchantment. When the tool begins to be cursed with a curse of vanishing enchantment, that tool starts to disappear. Once the curse is applied, the curse is removed only when the player himself dies.

How Curse of Vanishing Works

You can also impose this curse on all other objects with weapons. The cursed item vanishes with the player forever, even if the item is in your inventory. After the player dies, the other player or enemy can collect the items dropped by the dead player. If the Vanishing Curse enchants the equipment or weapon, the cursed weapon is not collectible by enemies.

Players can also use this curse for their excellence. Players can curse expensive items to punish their enemies. While putting yourself at risk, if you have such an expensive weapon that you do not want your enemy to have, then you can apply this curse.

How to Get the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

A cursed book in Minecraft is mostly found naturally. Along with this, doing business can also get this curse easily. In a village, you will need a lectern and some bookcases to do this. You will then need to find a librarian in your village. This Librarian helps you do business with the cursed book.

Unlock more trading options after you finish trading with the Librarian to increase your chance of finding the curse spell on the left. Go through dungeons and temples, searching chests for the cursed book. Now we will see the method for removing the curse once it is applied.

How to Remove the Curse of Vanishing Minecraft?

Once a player dies, and if he has a cursed item, we neither recover it nor is that item usable. It is very easy to do if you want to remove a curse from an item. In Minecraft, you can remove the curse of vanishing in two ways.

By Using Crafting Table

First of all, we have to find the item from which you must remove the curse. After that, you have to make the same item back using the crafting table. You have to combine both the un-enchanted and cursed items in the crafting table. In this way, the curse is also removed, and at the same time, that object is also repaired.

By Using Grindstone

By using grindstone, you also remove the enchantments from a tool or weapon. You can remove the curse more quickly this way. This method has one drawback: other enchantments are also removed with the curse of vanishing.


In Minecraft, you can curse any object through which you can move ahead of the enemy. Playing with a cursed item in Minecraft is quite frustrating. The curse on the tool and weapon makes it very difficult to play safe. It is also possible to remove the curse on those tools after the enemy dies. How you can remove this curse, we have explained to you well in this article. We hope that now you can easily remove the curse from the cursed objects.

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