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How to Remotely Log Out from Google Chrome?

Chrome is just a web browser. If I tell you about Chrome, then, I describe it as just a sphere of green, red, yellow, and blue colors. But let me give you a short introduction about chrome and how it works as well.

If you want to search for anything, simply open chrome and write on its search bar. All the related articles about the specific topic you are seeking, within one second, is before you. You are just one search away from knowing about anything, and this makes our work so much simpler.

Searching is even easier due to its Google voice icon. By just clicking on that mic icon and speaking about a particular thing through it, everything will come in front of you.

Need to Log Out of Chrome

There are many cases in which you need to log out of chrome. Let me tell you few situations.

Public Devices

Sometimes, there are instances where you need to use the public computers in your institutions for some research. If you log in there, you need to sign out of chrome before shutting down the device.

It will help you to protect your privacy and save you from any loss. Because in the era of the internet, you should always remember to take care of your confidentialities.

Lending/Selling Your Computer

If you are lending or selling your computer to someone, you should sign out of Google Chrome before handing them your device.

Because in your Google account, all the data of your device, e.g., autofill passwords, suggestions, search bar, account information, among others, are saved. If there is some sensitive content are to be leaked, then it can potentially become the reason for your embarrassment too.

It is wise to remove all information, including Google Chrome, from your device because leakage of such information can impose a possible serious problem.

Steps to Log Out of Google Chrome:

This time, I will show you how to easily sign out of chrome on your device, whether you have access to it or not. Here is a guide:

  • First, open Google Chrome. Then on the right top corner, click on your profile. You can see the sign out option there; click on it.
  • If someone wants to access your account, you will be informed through email or message.
  • Lastly, sign out from Chrome on your mobile device.

If you want to sign out from Chrome on your Android or iOS device, you can follow these steps:

  • Start by opening Google Chrome on your phone.
  • Tap on your profile picture that is on the top side of the black page.
  • You will then see the “Sync” and “Google Services”, tap on your profile picture again.
  • Click on the “Sign out” and turn off the sync button to log out. However, if you haven’t synced your account, you will just see a “Sign out of Chrome” button.

Remotely Log Out

Sometimes, there are instances when we sign in our accounts on public devices, then forget to log it out. But there is nothing to worry about as I will show you some easy steps on how to remotely log out on those devices.

  • First, go to the “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and click on Google App Permission; it will take you to your Gmail account.
  • Now, find the “Remove Access” option and just click on it.

Stop Syncing

Syncing is a procedure in which you back up all your passwords, information, history, bookmarks, etc. It will help you transfer your information on different devices, but you may also disable it to protect your privacy. Here are the steps:

From Computer

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • On the right top corner, you will find three dots; click on them.
  • Scroll down and then click on “Settings”.
  • You will find the Sync option there; all you have to disable it.

From Mobile

  • First, open Chrome.
  • Click on the right top corner’s profile.
  • Finally, turn off the “Sync” option.

Auto Turn Off

Sometimes all your data or information is saved in drive or Google. And it will lead to auto sign-in of Google Chrome. If you don’t want that, then follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome, then go to the browsing history.
  • Click on all the boxes and do it. It will delete all the information like autofill passwords, usernames, bookmarks, history, search bar, etc.


Q. How to keep our privacy safe?

Your phone’s privacy is in your Google account. All you need to do is take care of it. If you lost or encounter a problem with your phone, you are not at a loss if your account is safe.

Q. How do I sign out from Chrome on all devices?

All the procedures are the same as I discussed earlier, but in this case, you have to click on one more option, and that is “REMOVE ACCESS”. Through this, you can log out from all your devices successfully.

Q. Why is my account automatically signed up?

If you saved your password or email, then you will automatically be signed up. There is nothing to worry about as it is saved on your device.

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