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How to Remember Raspberry Pi Commands

The Raspberry Pi has a Debian based environment and the system is mostly operated through command-line terminal. There are different packages or applications you install through specific commands and remembering those commands isn’t as easy a task for most Raspberry Pi users.

If you are finding difficulty in remembering those commands on Raspberry Pi, follow this article to find different ways to remember the commands.

How to Remember Raspberry Pi Commands

There are five useful ways to remember Raspberry Pi commands:

1: Raspberry Pi Documentation Page

First, new users can make use of the popular Raspberry Pi Learning Resources, which provide a wide range of information. Most noteworthy is the Raspberry Pi documentation page, which contains tutorials, guides and even Raspberry Pi command references. It’s a great place to look up reference information whenever a command or terminal syntax is forgotten.

2: History Command

History command is another useful way for the Raspberry Pi users that allows them to remember the commands that were executed on the terminal before. It stores the commands history and provides users the option to view the executed commands on the terminal. It also allows users the opportunity to create these commands information as a backup file and may restore them whenever you need.


3: Third Party Terminals

There are some third-party terminals like Guake, Terminator, Tilix and others that save the history of commands executed in the terminal. This makes it easier for you to reuse or remember the commands you executed before while working on the terminal.

4: man or help Command

The man or help command is another useful way to find out the information about those commands that you’ve forgotten. These commands provide you the syntax for executing a command in the terminal so you can use these commands regularly to check and remember the syntax for a command. The man command opens a complete manual with detailed information, while the help command provides a short description of commands syntax.

5: Raspberry Pi Forums

The Raspberry Pi community supports hotlines, its own forums, and a wide range of support websites. With such a friendly, approachable community, users can access multiple sources of information on the Internet with ease. Specifically, websites like Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange provide detailed answers to complex technical questions, making it easier to remember tricky commands.


Remembering too many commands on Raspberry Pi is a hard job but if a user views these commands regularly, then it might benefit in the future. Users will be able to remember some commands. Five useful ways are discussed in the above guidelines that help users to get information about commands you want to execute on the terminal. These ways include using Raspberry Pi documentation page, history, third party terminals, man or help commands and Raspberry Pi forums. Keeping a regular check on these ways will help you remember the commands in some days.

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