How Do I Record Audio on Ubuntu?

It is essential to have a voice or audio recording feature because it can help you do a voice-over on a video or any other tasks.  However, there is always a question about recording audio on Ubuntu. There are some tools available to do it easily, but it is impossible to record audio by an inbuilt system. If you also find something to record voices in your Ubuntu machine easily, then read the article below. We have included all of the information and answers on how to record audio on Ubuntu.

Recording Audio on Ubuntu

We will consider multiple procedures for different Ubuntu systems, and you can easily use these procedures as we have divided them into steps.

Using ALSA Mixer:

Open the Linux terminal by pressing CTRL, ALT, and T simultaneously or open it from the Linux search bar.  Now, run the command given below:


After executing the command, the terminal will present different volume bars to adjust the system’s volume. Next, install SoX or Sound eXchange audio editing software with cross-platform support. Execute the following command:

sudo  apt-get install  sox

After the successful installation of SoX, execute the below command for recording the audio:

sox -t alsa default test.wav

Now, record the audio in the Linux machine and press CTRL+C to stop the record whenever you are done.  Finally, execute the below command for using MPlayer to listen to the recorded sound.

mplayer test.wav

Record Audio on Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10:

You can install an Audio Recorder because it offers various features and options to improve users’ convenience. So here is the list of the features:

  • It is small, lightweight, and offers a built-in timer system.
  • Users can save the files in various formats such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, M4A, WAV, SPX, etc.
  • Users can easily record audio from a microphone, webcam, soundcard, Rhythmbox player, and so on.

Audio Recorder is also available in the Snap package, but it is large and doesn’t work appropriately.

Open the Terminal in Ubuntu and execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:audio-recorder/ppa

After executing the command, the system will add the official PPA (Personal Package Archives) of Audio Recorder.  Now, run the below command for installing the Audio Recorder in your Ubuntu machine:

sudo apt install audio-recorder

A little tip for Linux Mint users, you can run sudo apt update before executing the above command to update required files.

If you want to remove Audio Recorder, then open the Software & Updates option and select the “Other Software” tab to remove it.  Run the following command to remove the Audio Recorder:

sudo apt remove audio-recorder

Audio Recorder is a great tool to record audio on Ubuntu according to the user’s convenience, and it can save the recorded file into different formats.


Recording audio is important when you explain something on the screen or want to do a voice-over on any video. The above procedures are great for all ubuntu machines, which means you can use them on various Ubuntu versions. That concludes the complete information and step-by-step procedures to record audio on Ubuntu and save it in various formats.

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