Razer Laptop Support and Warranty Options for Customers

The standard warranty that comes with an OEM device is advantageous to customers but comes with certain limitations. Sometimes, a device issue occurs shortly after the warranty has expired, which leaves the repair process in the hands of the customer. However, it is standard business practice for manufacturers to offer warranty extensions. In this article, we will focus on the warranty coverage for Razer laptops.

Razer laptops have a limited one-year warranty that comes standard with purchase, but they also have warranty extension plans that can be used to extend coverage to a total of three years. In addition to a longer warranty period, these plans have other perks. If you have a Razer laptop or are planning to buy one, read on to find out more about Razer’s customer support services, the types of warranties you can obtain, and the warranty coverage for each warranty type.

Customer Support

Razer has three channels for customer support:

  1. Online chat at (available seven days a week from 9AM to 6PM SGT)
  2. Phone representatives at 1-800-185-3004 (available seven days a week from 9AM to 6PM SGT)
  3. Email (a webform can be filled out at any time to submit a case)

The support agents will assist you if you have inquiries, if there is an issue with your laptop, or if you need help sending your laptop for repair. Before you contact Razer for support, you should check out Razer’s knowledge base. Razer summarized the information that customers regularly request, as well as common issues and their corresponding solutions, into a comprehensive knowledge base. Therefore, instead of waiting on the phone or for online chat support, you should first check the knowledge base.

Razer Limited Warranty

The limited warranty comes standard with all new and refurbished Razer laptops. It covers repair, parts replacement and device replacement (if the device is deemed irreparable). However, not all claims are eligible. For eligible cases that fall under the Terms and Conditions, customers can submit a claim to the authorized reseller from which they purchased the product or to from Razer through The warranty periods of refurbished, sold out or discontinued products are shorter than those of new products.

The warranty applies to products purchased directly from Razer or from authorized resellers but it is not applicable to third-party products, even if those products that came with Razer products at the time of purchase. Likewise, it is not applicable to products purchased from unauthorized dealers. Most importantly, the limited warranty does not cover accidental damage like drops, spills, and acts of God.

Razer will acknowledge warranty claims only if valid proof of purchase, such as an official receipt or an email from an authorized dealer or reseller, is provided. The receipt or email should have a product description and price. If the laptop was purchased from Razer’s website, an order number will suffice.

Razer Extended Warranty

However, a one-year warranty coverage may not be sufficient, and some customers would prefer if accidental damage was covered. Luckily, thanks to Razer’s RazerCare program, you can extend your laptop’s warranty to up to three years, and you can have accidental damage covered. There are currently two plans under RazerCare: RazerCare Essential and RazerCare Elite.

With RazeCare Essential, you can extend the warranty of your laptop to three years. This plan has surge protection and covers mechanical and electrical failures. In addition, under this plan, Razer claim support is available 24 hours, and your laptop is automatically registered. The two-way shipping for repairs is free of charge, and there are no deductible charges for repairs. Furthermore, if you plan to give your laptop to a friend, the plan is transferable to the new owner at no cost.

If you are clumsy, we have good news! RazerCare Elite has all the benefits of RazerCare Essential, plus accidental damage coverage. With this plan, you will not be crying over spilled milk, as spills (in addition to drops, falls, and collisions) are covered.

With either plan, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make as long as the purchase value of your laptop has not been reached. For example, if the repair cost for the first claim is $100 and your laptop costs $2000, you still have a remaining claimable amount of $1900. It is important to note, however, that these plans have exclusions related to faulty software or data retrieval, cosmetic damages, gross negligence, theft, loss, and acts of God.

The RazerCare plans are currently available for US customers only and must be purchased from If you were not able to purchase the plans with the laptop, you can still add a plan for up to 11 months after the date of purchase. Refurbished laptops are also eligible for these plans as long as they are purchased directly from Razer’s website.

Check out the prices below to determine which plan is right for you.

RazerCare Essential RazerCare Elite
Blade Stealth 13 $199.99 $299.99
Blade 15 $249.99 $369.99
Blade Studio Edition $249.99 $369.99
Blade Pro 17 $299.99 $449.99

If you want to learn more about Razer’s support and warranties, you can visit

Is the Extra Care (and Money) Worth It?

Warranties guarantee that the product is fully functional and free of defects at the time of purchase. However, while Razer’s limited warranty is hugely beneficial to customers, it only lasts a year for Razer laptops.

Because repairs can be costly and burdensome, it might be worthwhile to extend your warranty with one of the RazerCare plans. Unlike the limited warranty, these plans are not free. However, we believe the cost is appropriate for benefits you will receive under one of the plans.

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