What Is A Razer Synapse?

Synapse is a hardware configuration tool from the razer that is used to control the razer peripherals and saves that setting on the cloud. Razer laptops have this application pre-installed in them. Whenever you use any razer gear with any other PC, then you will be asked to download this application to customize the accessories. It’s not mandatory, however. Synapse gives you the freedom to monitor everything from RGB light patterns to fan speed. Having this application for your Razer equipment on your PC, you needn’t worry about their respective drivers.

Downloading Razer Synapse For PC And MAC

As told above, all razer laptops come with Synapse pre-installed in them. But if you are using Razer gaming gears with another laptop or computer, you need to download it on your own. Currently, there are two stable versions of Razer Synapse for computers. Razer Synapse 2 and Synapse 3. Synapse 3 is the latest release and works with Windows Windows 7, 8, 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit only, whereas Synapse 2 works with both Windows and MAC. Sadly, there is no support for Linux until now. However, you can configure your razer peripherals taking guidance from open source communities.

Window users can use any of the versions since Synapse 2 seems more stable than the latest release. I use windows 10 home, 64 Bit, and have installed Synapse 3 to configure my Razer Abyssus essential optical gaming mouse.

Setting Up Razer Synapse 3 On Windows PC

Here are steps to download and setup Razer Synapse 3 On Windows PC:

First of all, visit the link to download the Synapse 3 installer .EXE extension file by clicking on the download button.

Now install razer synapse by opening the exe file and select the other utilities that you wish to install from Razer, such as Chroma, etc. Click on the install button and wait for the download to complete.

After you are done with the installation, click on the “Get Started” button.

Create an account on Razer after opening the Synapse application. You can also sign up using your Google, Facebook, and Twitch accounts.

Once you are logged in, you can take a tour of the app or skip it.

After opening the application, you will see your devices and a list of all the modules you have installed, including support, registering the product, feedback, etc. Since I am using the Razer Abyssus essentials mouse, you can see it on my devices list.

Configuring Peripherals Using Razer Synapse 3

On the Dashboard of the application, click on the device you wish to configure. I am configuring my mouse, so I clicked on it.

Here you can configure buttons of your mouse accordingly and assign any function as per your choice and not only this, adjust sensitivity, switch lighting, or even disable the key.

Customizing RGB lighting is the best part of Synapse that I personally like the most. Just click on the lighting tab, and you have the freedom of selecting colors, adjusting brightness, and adding advanced effects using chroma studio.

Other tasks you can perform using Razer synapse are monitoring performance, calibrating the device, etc.

Apart from the basic configuration for peripherals, you can do much more with Razer synapse 3 if you have a perfect PC setup.

There is a profiles section; these profiles act preset, which you can create your own or upload one. Here is the link to the list of 50 awesome profiles that you can use for your peripherals.

Installing Synapse On MAC

Since Synapse 3 is not released for MAC. You need to install Razer Synapse 2 to configure your Razer peripherals on MAC.

Click on this link to download the installer and then install the application. All the functions of the application are almost similar in both Windows and MAC.

Modules For Next Level Integrations

Synapse also has modules that you can install to add new features. Currently, there are seven modules available on Synapse 3, which you can install/uninstall anytime. Here is their list and their functions:

1. Alexa
Amazon Alexa module can be installed to integrate all voice services, which will make your laptop into an assistant voice speaker. You will require an amazon Alexa account, Active microphone for that.

2. Philips HUE
Your HUE smart lights can be controlled by synapse by syncing it to razer chroma. Simply install this module to enter a new level of immersion.

3. Macro
Install this module to create key combinations for complex button presses and implement them during intense gameplay.

4. Nanoleaf
If you have Nanoleaf lights installed in your room, then you can install this module to sync light panels using razer chroma and give a totally new lighting effect to your room.

5. Chroma Visualizer
Visualizer is meant for customizing lights during music and gameplays.

6. Chroma Connect
Chroma connect can be installed for synchronizing RGB lights with other gaming platforms, Apps, etc., using the app store app.

7. Chroma Studio
Synapse module for complete integration module from Razer to set up RGB lighting and cycles across all the devices.


Razer is known for its innovations across gaming peripherals, and these customizations across these devices using an application are really praiseworthy. However, Synapse 3 for MAC is still to be released, and according to sources, some more modules are to be added to the list.

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