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How Raspberry Pi Detects Malware Using Electromagnetic Waves

The Raspberry Pi is a multi-purpose single-board computer that was initially released to explain the computer system concepts to the students in the schools and colleges, but later on, it was being used for different daily life applications. The Raspberry Pi is being used in domestic automation as well as industrial automation. The Raspberry is also being used in electronic projects as well as in the world of robotics.

Recently, the Raspberry Pi surprised everyone when it was being used to detect the malware using the electromagnetic waves, now how it is being used for this purpose will be explored in this write-up.

How the Raspberry Pi Detects the malware using the Electromagnetic waves

Now with the accurate results, the Raspberry Pi is being used to detect the malware on the IoT devices and is invented by a group of scientists including Annelie Heuser, Matthieu Mastio, Duy-Phuc Pham, and Damien Marion.

With the help of the oscilloscope a signal is passed through the device which is under observation and with the help of the Raspberry Pi, the electromagnetic waves are observed and it detects the malware. Not only detects the malware but also tells the type of the malware by using some techniques of machine learning.

The project which was assembled for this purpose consists of the Raspberry Pi 2B, an oscilloscope, H-field probes, and an amplifier.

How the Raspberry Pi works to find out the malware

The presence of the magnetic field produced by the weak signals are detected using the H-field probe and also, the H-field probe is used to read the behavior of the electric signals received from the electric devices by using the picoscope. So all this assembly, altogether works with the Raspberry Pi and detects the malware and protects the IoT devices from being hacked or damaged.


This project will hardly cost a few US dollars but it can save the computer systems and IoT devices from being attacked by any type of malware using the electromagnetic waves. This write-up was all about the new research and utilization of the Raspberry Pi in order to find the malware.

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