What Are the Rarest Biomes in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world there are various biomes in the world. Biomes are unique geographical locations in the world. Every biome in the Minecraft world is different from other one depending upon its characteristics which include environment, temperature, humidity, plants and more.

Rarest Biomes in Minecraft

Whenever you create a Minecraft world it is created randomly and you are not sure which biome you will find in the world you just created. There may be a chance that you can find a specific biome in the world. Different biomes have different nature and environment having different temperature, humidity, and mobs. Following are some biomes in the Minecraft world which are very rare to find:

Modified Jungle Edge

Modified jungle edges are rare to find because they occur where there are swamp hills. As modified jungle edges and swamp hills are already rare so the chance of occurrence of both together is very low. This biome has fewer trees than that of jungle biome and the colour of grass is also light green.

Modified Badlands Plateau

In the Minecraft world when you are exploring the desert or savannah biomes there is a chance you may find modified badland plateau. This biome consists of flat surface mountains made up of terracotta and covered with red sand. You can find exclusive items from badlands like gold ore.

Snowy Taiga Mountains

Snowy Taiga Mountains biome is considered as the coldest biome of the Minecraft world. It is found in snowy plains and the trees and mountains are covered with snow, making it cold enough that players cannot survive there.

Mushroom Fields and Mushroom Fields Shore

In Minecraft world mushroom fields biomes have one more type called mushroom field shore which occur on the river banks and beside the sea. You can find all sizes of mushrooms there. You can get mushrooms dropped by mushroom blocks while mining.

Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills

You can think of a Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills as a mixture of jungle biome and bamboo jungle biome. This biome is lush green and has tall trees along with bamboo trees. This biome is steeper and you will find the taller jungle trees mostly.


In the Minecraft world you can find the biomes easily but there are some biomes which are rare. They may be the mixture of two biomes or with some different characteristics which are rare to find. The rare biomes in Minecraft are explained above. The possibility of finding all the above biomes is very low.

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