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Rambox – Free Messaging & Emailing Application

Rambox is a free and open-source messaging and emailing app that allows you to combine most commonly used web applications into one single dashboard. Furthermore, it gives you the possibility to add commonly used services as many times as you need. Also it’s perfect for people who work with many services for business and private accounts. A new way to organize your services. Before we proceed on how to install Rambox on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at its features.

how to install rambox on ubuntu

Rambox Features

  • Support multiple languages
  • Allows you to sync your configuration between multiple computers if app is installed in different machines
  • You can set a master password, so it prompts you for a password every time app is opened
  • Also offers you ability to lock app if you will be away for a period of time
  • Don’t disturb mode feature available as well as option to inject a Custom Code
  • You can reorder services in the tab bar and group into two groups (left and right)
  • Every time you have something new to check, you will see a badge in the tab of the service and in taskbar icon
  • Always runs and can be accessed in the system tray
  • Also you can mute audio to each specific service
  • Separate tabs floating to the right hand side
  • Ability to disable a service instead of remove it
  • Set app to start automatically on system startup
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Furthermore, you can configure it to use a Proxy if your network blocks some services

v0.5.10 Changelog

  • Removed mmmelon service
  • Fixed typo in Inbox note
  • Display current service in the window title
  • Fixed TweetDeck 2FA bug
  • Fixed Hangouts constant notifications
  • Prevent closing Rambox on “no internet connection” to allow the user to configure Proxy

How to install Rambox on Ubuntu 17.04

Install on 32bit OS

sudo apt install gdebi


sudo gdebi Rambox_0.5.10-ia32.deb

Install on 64bit OS

sudo apt install gdebi


sudo gdebi Rambox_0.5.10-x64.deb

How to uninstall app from Ubuntu

sudo apt remove rambox

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