Quick Charge Minecraft: Everything You need to know

Crossbow is one of the most useful ranged weapons in the Minecraft game that you can use to kill other mobs from a distance. The only drawback this weapon has is its slow reloading time compared to a bow which makes it less effective especially when you are dealing with multiple mobs at once.

This is where a quick charge enchantment will help you as it can reduces the reloading time depending on the level as mentioned in the table below. In this article we will be discussing everything about the quick charge enchantment to give you a better understanding about it.

Normal Crossbow Reloading Time 1.25 second
Crossbow with Quick Charge 1 1 second
Crossbow with Quick Charge 2 0.75 second
Crossbow with Quick Charge 3 0.5 second

Methods to Apply Quick Charge Enchantment on a Crossbow

There are two main methods to apply the quick charge enchantment on a crossbow which are shown below

  • Quick Charge Enchantment using Enchanting Table
  • Quick Charge Enchantment using an Anvil

Now let’s discuss these two enchantments in details in the next section.

Applying Quick Charge Enchantment on a Crossbow using Enchanting Table

You will be needing three main items to perform this enchantment which are mentioned below

  1. Enchanting Table
  2. Crossbow
  3. Lapis Lazuli

After getting these three items all, you need to do is to place the crossbow and the required amount of lapis lazuli inside the enchanting table.

In the above image you can see that you will be needing level 2 of enchanting levels and 2 lapis lazuli. Other than that, the value 12 in the center shows that the player level should be 12 or above to perform this enchantment. There are total 3 levels of quick charge enchantment book and you can get either of them by fulfilling the requirement. At the end you need to click on the quick charge enchantment and to apply it on the crossbow and you can collect it from the left side.

Applying Quick Charge Enchantment on a Crossbow using an Anvil

This method is different then the above as it requires you to find the quick charge enchantment book first and there are multiple ways of doing this as described below.

Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book by Trading with the Librarian

Librarian can be found in the village biome but if you can’t find one then you look for any idle villager and place a lectern close to him to assign a librarian job.

Now when you click on him you will see few options that you can trade, so you need to keep on trading until you find your desired item. Level of a librarian keeps on increasing as well and with each level you should be able to trade more items.

Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book through Fishing

There is around a 0.8 percent chance of finding an enchanted book through fishing and that’s why this method is not recommended.

You will need a fishing rod and a boat to travel on the water and capture more area. You can further enhance the chance of getting a Quick Charge Enchantment book if you apply the luck of the sea enchantment on the fishing rod.

Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book through Treasure or Looting Chest

In your Minecraft you will came across many different chests that will give you valuable items, but some chests have more rare items than the others. You can find such chest in the buried treasure, shipwrecks, mineshaft, woodland mansion, temples, and remnants. While exploring such places you will have a more chance of finding the quick charge enchantment book.

After getting the Quick charge enchantment book you need to place it and crossbow inside the anvil to perform the enchantment.


One of the greatest ranged weapons that you can get in the Minecraft game is a Crossbow. But it has one disadvantage which is its slow reloading time of 1.25 seconds. But the good part is that you can reduce it by applying the quick charge enchantment and everything about it have been discussed in this article in detail.

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