How Do I Purchase and Configure Private VIP Servers Roblox

If you want to play Roblox games only with your friends or want to play with some specific players, then creating a private or VIP server is the best option. In Roblox some games require 100 Robux for creating a server whereas for some games creating a VIP or a private server is completely free. So, if you are interested in purchasing a server or do not know how to configure a private or VIP server then read this guide.

Purchasing the Private VIP Servers in Roblox

Creating a server gives the liberty to the players to restrict the number of players in the game and not only that they can also authorize specific players in their servers. The process below shows the necessary steps to purchase a private VIP server along with configuring it:

Step 1: Search for the game in the Roblox search bar for which you want to purchase a private VIP server and click on it. For instance, let’s purchase a server for TPS: Ultimate Soccer, click on it:

Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on the server option, click on the Create Private Server to purchase the private VIP in Roblox:

Next enter the name of your server and click on the Buy Now icon:

Configuring the Private VIP servers in Roblox

From here the process of purchasing the private VIP server comes to end, now let’s move to the process of configuring the private VIP server in Roblox for that click on the Customize icon in the next pop-up window that appears right after you have created a group:

In the server configuration players can edit the name of the server, allow friends, or authorize only specific players by adding their usernames and more importantly generate an invite link that can be sent to fellow players to invite them to the server:

For instance, if you want to add some specific player to the servers then click on the Add People, next add the respective username of the players:

After a while the name will be added in the Server Members of your server:

Likewise, if you want to invite other players to your server then you will be needing a server invite link so for that click on Generate option in Roblox and copy it from the copy icon on the left:

Similarly, if you want to deactivate your server then turn off the Allowed Joining option, remember that there is no option of deleting the private VIP server in Roblox so in that case this option can be used:

One last thing, if you want to configure your server later then click on the meatball icon in front of your server and select Configure option to go the server configuration page:

So, this is how you can purchase and configure your game Private VIP server in Roblox, if you want to buy a server of any game even if it’s not free the process will be the same.


If you want to play games only with your friends or any specific player, then buying a private server in Roblox is the best option for you. In Roblox some developers require 100 Robux to get a private server whereas some games require no fee to create a private VIP server.

To purchase a private VIP server just click on the server option on the game page and click on the create private server, moreover to configure the server click on the configure option under the meatball menu.

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