PowerShell Select-Object Property and ExpandProperty

PowerShell is a scripting tool in Windows that is used to perform automation and administration tasks. It has various cmdlets that are used to get the filtered results, such as “Select-Object” and “-ExpandProperty”. More specifically, the “-ExpandProperty” is a part of the “Select-Object” cmdlet and is utilized in the expansion process of the properties in PowerShell.

This write-up will overview a guide to resolve the mentioned problem.

What are the “Select-Object” and “ExpandProperty” Properties in PowerShell?

The “Select-Object” cmdlet is utilized to select the objects and their properties from a collection of objects. While the “-ExpandProperty” is a “Select-Object” cmdlet’s switch that helps to get the details of the particular property.

Example 1: Display Property Values of an Object

This example will demonstrate the usage of “Select-Object” and “-ExpandProperty” cmdlets to select objects and properties from an array:

$Car = @(





According to the above code:

  • First, create an array of custom objects in PowerShell and assign it to a variable “$Car”.
  • Inside an array, create three objects and add three properties inside each object.
  • After that, assign the custom values to the defined properties:

Let’s select and display the object values in the output. For that reason, execute the given line of code:

> $Car | Select-Object -ExpandProperty CarName

According to the above code:

  • First, add the array assigned variable “$Car”. After that, add the “|” pipeline to transfer the output from the “$Car” array to the “Select-Object” cmdlet.
  • After that, use the “-ExpandProperty” cmdlet switch and assign the “CarName” property to get and display the values in the PowerShell console:

As it can be observed that the values have been displayed using the “Select-Object” and “-ExpandProperty”.

Example 2: Extract Services Name

This example will extract the last five services name using the “Get-Service” cmdlet:

> Get-Service | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name -Last 5

In the above-stated code:

  • First, add the “Get-Service” cmdlet and then use the “|” pipeline to pass the output to the “Select-Object” cmdlet.
  • After that, use the “-ExpandProperty” switch command to select the particular value, which is “Name” followed by the “-Last” attribute, and define value “5” to display the name of the last five services:

It can be observed that the last five service names have been displayed on the PowerShell console.


The “Select-Object” cmdlet in PowerShell is used to select the properties from a collection of objects. While “-ExpandProperty” is the switch of the “Select-Object” cmdlet that is used to select the particular details of the object. This write-up will overview a complete procedural guide about the “Select-Object” and the “-ExpandProperty”.

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