What is the Process for Utilizing Logical Operators in PowerShell?

In PowerShell, logical operators are used for connecting the expressions or statements to make a single expression. The output of logical operators usually results in Boolean values, such as “$True” or “$False”. These are very helpful when checking multiple conditions at once. Logical operators include “-and”, “-or”, “-xor”, and the “-not”.

This write-up will observe several logical operators in PowerShell.

What is the Process for Utilizing Logical Operators in PowerShell?

The below-listed logical operators are discussed in the further guide:

Operator 1: Logical AND (-and)

In PowerShell, the “AND” operator is used to return the Boolean value “$True” if both expressions or conditions are correct:

$val1 = 15
$val2 = 25
($val1 -lt $val2) -and ($val2 -eq 25)


Operator 2: Logical OR (-or)

The “OR” logical operator is used to return the “$True” value if at least one condition is correct:

$val1 = 15
$val2 = 25
($val1 -lt $val2) -or ($val2 -eq 20)


Operator 3: Logical Exclusive XOR (-xor)

The logical exclusive “XOR” operator returns only the “$True” value when one statement is correct. If more than one statements are correct then it will return a “$False” value:

$val1 = 10
$val = 15
($val1 -lt $val2) -xor ($val2 -eq 15) -xor ($val1 -eq 10)


Operator 4: Logical NOT (-not)

The logical operator ” NOT ” returns the inverse of the provided value. If some specific values return the “$True” then this operator will return the “$False” value:

$val1 = 20
$val2 = 30
-not ($val1 -lt $val2)


That was all about the usage of the logical operators in PowerShell.


Logical operators in PowerShell are used to compare the values or expressions including strings, or integers. It gives the resultant output in the form of a Boolean value, such as “True” or “False”. If the expression is correct then the output will be “True”, otherwise it will be “False”. This write-up briefly explained the logical operators in PowerShell.

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