How to post GIFs in Discord Chat

Discord is an online platform mostly used by gaming communities to interact with each other. You can interact with your friends from school or some gaming community or any worldwide art community. Discord is a place where you can hang out with your friends and it also offers you fun features while chatting with your friends for example GIFs, stickers and more.

GIFs on Discord

As you know the GIF stands for graphical interchange format and you can use this format in chatting to show your expression or thoughts without using words. GIFs are nothing but animated or static pictures so it is more fun when you use GIFs in your conversations. You can also use GIFs while chatting on Discord. Discord offer the feature GIFs and you can use this feature by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your Discord profile:

Step 2: You will see the section mentioning Friends and DIRECT MESSAGES, click on the friend you want to chat with:

Step 3: The chat box will be opened.

Step 4: At the bottom of the chat box, you will see a bar to type the message, here click on the icon mentioning GIF:

Step 5: A window having GIFs, Stickers and Emoji and a search bar to search the GIF will open, select any the feeling of your choice, for example i have clicked on bored:

Step 6: Click on the GIFs of your choice and it will be posted to your chat and sent to your friend:


You can have a fun experience with Discord while chatting because Discord offers your fun features while chatting. You can use GIFs in your conversations. While chatting with your friends you are given the option to easily post a GIF by clicking on GIF’s icon following the above-mentioned method.

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