Plotly Create_Dendogram()

A dendrogram is a specific type of plot represented as a tree. It is commonly used in hierarchical data that allows you to visualize the data as a hierarchy.

We can use the create_dendrogram() function from the Plotly.figure_factory to create a dendrogram plot.


The function provides a syntax as shown in the following:

plotly.figure_factory.create_dendrogram (X, orientation='bottom', labels=None, colorscale=None, distfun=None, linkagefun=<function <lambda>>, hovertext=None, color_threshold=None)

The parameter functionality is as follows:

  1. x – Specifies the matrix of observations as an array of arrays.
  2. orientation – Sets the orientation of the plot. Accepted values include:
    1. ‘top’
    2. ‘right’
    3. ‘bottom’
    4. ‘left’
  3. colorscale – Sets a colorscale for the dendrogram figure.
  4. distfun – Represents the function used to calculate the pairwise distance from the observations.
  5. linkagefun – Sets the function to determine the linkage matrix from the pairwise distance.
  6. hovertext – Sets the hover text for the traces of the dendrogram cluster.
  7. color_threshold – Defines the value used to make the separation of the clusters.

Example 1:

The following code shows how to create a simple dendrogram tree with the orientation set to bottom.

import plotly.figure_factory as ff
import numpy as np
x = np.random.rand(10,10)
fig = ff.create_dendrogram(x, orientation='bottom')

The previous code returns a dendrogram plot as in the following figure:

You can change the orientation to any value that suits your needs.

Example 2:

You can also set the labels for the dendrogram by specifying the labels parameter.

x = np.random.rand(10,10)
chars = ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I', 'J']
fig = ff.create_dendrogram(x, orientation='left', labels=chars)



This article covers the basics of creating a dendrogram figure in Plotly.

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