What is Player id in Roblox?

Roblox is an online global platform where users can design games and play games made by other users. Roblox allows you to play various games but to play games on Roblox, you need to create your account first. In Roblox, a specific id is assigned to the elements, player id is the user id assigned to a player when he creates the Roblox account. Want to know more about player id and how to find it, go through this guide.

What is Player id in Roblox?

In Roblox, there is a unique id for everything, i.e., item IDs and group IDs. Roblox player id is the specific unique identification for every account; Player ID is the string of numbers; for example, user id= 3850244062. It identifies your account on Roblox and differentiates you from other accounts. You can change the display name on Roblox, but you cannot change your player id. It is assigned to you when you create an account on Roblox; the only way to change the player id is to create a new account.

What Player id is Used For?

You can use your Roblox player id for multiple purposes:

  1. If your friend cannot find you on Roblox, send your player id to your friend to easily connect with them in the Roblox world.
  2. If you want to redeem Robux and other elements, then the player id is required.
  3. Roblox id can be used for animations.

How do Find the Roblox Player id?

You can locate your player id of Roblox using a PC, but you cannot find it on your mobile phone and Xbox because there is no profile URL. Follow the simple steps to find your Roblox player id:

Step 1: Open the Roblox website on your browser.

Step 2: Log In to your account:

Step 3: Click on the three lines icon from the left top corner of the screen:

Step 4: Click on your profile picture:

Step 5: In your web address, a numerical number present between the user and profile is your user player ID like:, here user id is 3850244062:


Roblox is a gaming platform where users create accounts to play games. As every user has a unique player id that cannot be changed. Player id is a unique set of numbers through which you can easily identify the players and add them. You can find your player id only on PCs and laptops because there is no profile URL on mobile phone apps and Xbox.

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