How to plant Sugarcane in Minecraft

Sugarcane is perhaps the most common object in Minecraft, and you can use it to create paper and sugar. Paper can be used to craft books, banners, or maps, and sugar can be used to make cakes, potions of swiftness, pumpkin pie, and much more; in this guide, we will help you find sugarcanes to plant them for later use.

How to Plant Sugarcane in Minecraft

Sugarcanes in Minecraft are primarily found just near the water. It only grows on sand blocks, dirt, and grass and you can grow them yourself by following this guide towards the end.

Sugar cane is a block that you can place on the ground near the water, and it will start growing, but it will take time, and you can grow them any way you like.

We will now go through the process of planting sugarcane in Minecraft.

Step 1: Find Sugarcane

You will need to find water and then keep moving around it until you find sugarcane, but ensure you only break the upper part as it can regrow from the bottom.

Please pick up the broken part to plant it in your desired location.

Step 2: Find a Suitable Place or Bring Water to the Right Place

It would be best if you had lots of water to grow your sugarcanes, and you could take the water to your garden by carefully mining the blocks from the water towards your farm, and then you can easily form any shape of a sugarcane farm.

And now you have your sugarcane farm, and in the picture above, we have also planted other plants in the middle, as you can see.

Hopefully, now you have your sugarcane farm, but what can you do with sugarcanes? Well, sugarcane is one of the essential items in Minecraft because of the following uses.

Uses of Sugarcane in Minecraft

Crafting Paper

Sugarcane can be used to craft paper which can later be used to craft books, maps, and much more for your help in the big world of Minecraft. You can craft paper by adding three sugarcanes in the middle row, as seen in the image below.

Crafting Sugar

You can craft sugar from sugarcane by adding one sugarcane to the first column of the first row in the crafting table interface, just like in the image below.

You can use sugar to:

  1. Feed the horses that recover their health, increase their growth speed, and slightly increase the taming chance, and you can learn how to tame a horse in our guide.
  2. Brew a Potion of swiftness to increase the player’s movement speed, and you can learn how to make a potion of swiftness in our guide.
  3. Make a cake that restores one hunger point when consumed, and you can learn how to make a cake in our guide.


For your help, we are adding different guides on “How to Minecraft” daily with extreme precision, and they are super easy to follow with all steps involved across different guides; in this guide we learned how to plant sugarcane in Minecraft in detail and we hope that we were able to help you in the world of Minecraft.

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